What are the varieties of winter succulent plants

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, The winter succulent plant is better than the summer succulent plant, while the winter succulent plant generally refers to the succulent plants that dormant in summer and grow in winter, spring and autumn.

Winter succulent plants are better than summer succulent plants; winter succulent plants generally refer to succulent plants that dormant in summer and grow in winter, spring and autumn. I believe that many flower friends are confused about the selection of winter or summer succulent plants, so this paper mainly talks about genera and examples for flower friends' reference.

What are the winter succulent plants?

Winter-type succulent plants refer to the vigorous growth in winter, the dormancy period in summer, and the time is longer than other succulent plants. Most succulent plants are dormant when the winter temperature is below 5 degrees, even in the winter type.

Common "winter type" and "spring and autumn" succulent plants (flower friends can refer to their own succulent plant families and genera):

1. Twelve volumes: it is common to have stripes, treasure grass, jade dew, longevity, Jincheng, dragon scale, jade fan, Vientiane, etc. (Yulu is so beautiful that I have begun to bask in the sun, but luckily I am a good master who likes to ask questions, so now it is beautiful.

2. Horn Hall: it is common to have the Great Cangjiao Hall (mine is the small Cangjiao Hall) and so on.

3. Sand fish: it is common to have tiger roll, Zibao, crouching cow, Zhaoji, dinosaur, glazed hall and so on.

4. Green lock dragon genus: it is common to have Ba, Jade Chun, Xi Zhi Pagoda (Green Pagoda), du Xing, Lu Qianyu, Xing Yi Nu, Dragon Palace City, Li Finch and so on.

5. Sedum (spring and autumn type): it is common to have Mingyue, Guanyin lotus, jade pearl curtain, B female heart, eight thousand generations, rainbow jade, round leaf ten thousand years grass and so on.

6. Lotus palms (spring and autumn type): brilliant, cold moon night in flowers and leaves, love brocade, Der Spiegel, bright sun, sunset, black mage, etc. (black mage really droops leaves as soon as the sun is hot, but tenacious vitality immediately radiates into cool scattering).

7. Genus Cone: major General, Silent Light, Light Genji, Angel.

8. The genus Chunqiu (Spring and Autumn type): there are Emperor Jade, Qingluan, Phoenix eggs and so on.