How to raise succulent plants in twelve rolls? let's take a look at some experience of breeding twelve rolls.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, From the four aspects of soil, light, watering and stuffing, talk about how to cultivate twelve rolls of succulent plants.

Known as the aristocrat of succulent plants, twelve rolls. There are many articles about its breeding methods on the Internet. This article is about the breeding experience of flower friends themselves. I hope it can be helpful to novice flower friends. The main thing worthy of flower friends is that because the breeding environment is different, it is not recommended to copy completely, but should be combined with their own actual situation for reference.

How to cultivate twelve rolls of succulent plants

1. Soil articles:

Soil I generally use pure particles, my soil is red jade 5, deer marsh 3, gold plant stone 1, granular peat 1, sieve powder before mixing, sieve powder is very key must be done, after mixing, I usually sprinkle two packets of carbendazim 100 grams in a washbasin soil, stir evenly, this soil is suitable for plants with more developed roots.

If you buy plants with weak roots or no roots at all, don't worry, this is not a bad thing. Re-rooting is more powerful for plant growth and basin. I use vermiculite 7 and perlite 3 to mix the plants directly on the soil surface to keep the soil moist, pay attention to the tide is not wet, the temperature is between 20-30 degrees, about a week or so will send out new roots Nudging the plant to find that a large area of soil moves with the plant at the same time means that the plant has taken root and the root hair has grasped the soil. In general, I will choose to let the plant continue to grow in the root soil for a period of time, in order to make the root stronger, about 20-30 days.

Because the roots of the plants with good roots are relatively tender, when I am transplanted to the pure granular soil, I will not shake off the vermiculite attached to the roots, that is, after pulling it out, I will take that piece of vermiculite directly into the pure granular soil. I will spray the granular soil before putting it back on the pot. watering thoroughly a week after the completion of the basin, and then normal care can be done. When I see the plant growing obviously, I can add appropriate amount of fertilizer. I use Ordovician A2. The appearance of light green at the root of the leaves indicates that the plant is growing.

Second, Illumination:

Generally speaking, family farming twelve are exposed to the glass, except summer can be full sunshine, the so-called twelve on the Internet do not need sunshine or semi-shade breeding I personally think it will not work, first, it is against the nature of plants, unscientific, and then I personally raise it out in a way that is not as good as I said. As for the so-called astigmatism on the network, I do not understand what astigmatism is at all. It is too vague. In summer, I usually just pull up the gauze curtain at home.

Third, watering: