Which variety of camellia is the most fragrant and best? Which one do you like best?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Camellia is one of the top ten famous flowers in China, which is famous for its bright green leaves and bright flowers. At present, there are more than 20,000 varieties of camellias in the world, and there are also nearly varieties of camellias distributed in China.

Camellia is one of the top ten famous flowers in China, which is famous for its bright green leaves and bright flowers. At present, there are more than 20,000 camellias varieties in the world, and there are nearly a thousand camellia varieties distributed in China. With the rapid development of breeding technology, dozens of new varieties are added every year.

Although there are many varieties of camellias, what we usually see are five types: the first is the red mountain tea variety line, the second is the Yunnan camellia line, the third is the tea plum line, the fourth is the original line, and the fifth is the hybrid line. At present, most of the varieties cultivated at home are red mountain tea varieties and Yunnan camellia varieties. Red mountain tea varieties are characterized by medium-sized leaves, good brightness, various colors, shapes and shapes, and their suitability is much stronger than other camellias. The leaves of Yunnan camellias are much larger than other camellias, and the leaves are rough, but their flowers are the largest of all camellias, some of which can reach more than 20 centimeters.

The flower shape of camellia is divided into single, semi-double and double. Single petals are mostly barrel-shaped, petals are few, semidouble has double petals, lotus type, five-star type and pine ball type, and there are dozens of petals. Double petals are divided into chrysanthemum type, hydrangea type, rose type, crown type and other flower type. the number of petals is more than 50. But in a large number of camellias, there are many fragrant camellias, its strong fragrance varieties are fragrant sun, Kremer peony, Xiangnio, incense god, Liexiang and so on. Among them, the best fragrance is the fragrant sun, and the flowers give out a very good apple aroma, which is the best known camellia.

There are also many famous treasures in camellias, such as Rocks of Eighteen Scholars, five colors Chidan, Camellia, Flower Fairy, Crown and so on, but there is no need for family farming to pursue some famous treasures, what is a good flower? Only what suits you can be called a good flower, isn't it?

There are many kinds of camellias. List the valuable varieties of camellias.

1. Rocks of Eighteen Scholars

2. Hexagonal scarlet   

3. Chidan   

4. Zhuang Yuanhong   

5. Crown   

6. Hibiscus   

7. Tea plum   

8. Huahe Ling   

9. Pink   

10. Hong Luzhen   

11. Rhododendron Red Camellia   

12. Golden scented tea   

13. Bella Big Rose   

14. Red Leaf Bella   

15. Marshal    of Yunban

16. Dark Magic   

17. New Katie   

18.    the thug

19. Tianjiao   

20. Elsie   

21. Hua Fo Ding   

22. Saimudan   

23. Elizabeth   

24. Huanao   

25. New Songhua   

26. Da Ting   

27. Big cinnabar   

28. Xiangyang (fragrant type)   

29. Kona    of Phnom Penh

30. Kremer Big Peony (aromatic)   

31. Peacock Toona   

32. Big Carter   

33. Little pine nut   

34. Big pine nut   

35. American red   

36. Flower Peony   

37. Autumn Peony   

38. Flower Fairy   

39. Fire Falls   

40. Helen   

41. Snow Tower   

42. Complex color Helen   

43. Ali Peony   

44. Mr. Parks   

45. Golden Peony   

46. Valentine's Day   

47. Masterpiece   

48. Granette   

forty-nine。 Red leaf Bella   

50. Larry Pete   

51. Wax leaf   

52. Wrinkled leaves and strange flowers   

53. Royal Velvet   

54. Fish tail tea   

55. Aomai Golden Tea   

56. Mandarin duck and Phoenix crown   

57.    of Empire

58. Big Phyllis   

59. Kona   

60. Guest residence   

61. Magic City   

62. Spotted Valentine's Day   

63. Red Pearl   

Yunnan valuable camellia varieties: hate the sky high. Children's noodles. Cinnabar purple robe. Big purple robe. Snow cloak