Efficacy and function of Elaeagnus angustifolia Cotyledon Clinical Application of Elaeagnus cotyledon

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Efficacy and function of Elaeagnus angustifolia Cotyledon Clinical Application of Elaeagnus cotyledon

Botany is a very profound knowledge, has been widely concerned by people, then we will look at the efficacy of bald leaves what, through the study of botanical knowledge so that we can better apply to daily life.


1. Cough. This product is acidic and warm in taste, can warm lung, astringe lung, lower qi, and is good at relieving asthma. It is clinically used for chronic asthma and asthmatics with deficiency cold type. It can be used in decoction or grinding, or combined with other antitussive and antiasthmatic drugs, or made into tablets and injections.

2. Hemoptysis, hematemesis and traumatic bleeding. This product has a good astringent hemostatic effect, oral administration can treat hemoptysis and vomiting blood. Fresh products can also be used externally to treat traumatic bleeding.

3. carbuncle hair back, hemorrhoids. This product can detoxify detumescence, cure carbuncle hair back, fresh product can be applied externally, cure hemorrhoids swelling pain can be decocted soup fumigation wash.

The efficacy and function of Elaeagnus leaf

Elaeagnus leaf efficacy: cough and asthma, hemostasis, detoxification. Cough, asthma, hemoptysis, hematemesis, traumatic bleeding, carbuncle, hemorrhoids swelling pain. "Compendium": Pujing leaf treatment asthma cough prescription, out of the "Central Sutra," even effective. It is said that some people have suffered from asthma for thirty years, and they have recovered after taking it. Very see after taking medicine, chest health small addiction rash itching, then also. Xu Shen plus ginseng equal parts, named Qingfei San. Most of them are sour, astringent lung qi dissipation of the gong ear.

The role of Elaeagnus leaf: cure all lung asthma is very serious: Pu decadent leaves baked into fine powder. Rice drink adjusted to take two money dagger, and take the wine. Cough treatment: fresh elaeagnus leaves one or two. Decoction, add sugar a little oral. Treatment of tuberculosis hemoptysis: fresh elaeagnus leaf eight money, rock candy five money. Stewed in boiling water, taken after meals, twice daily. Treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis: Elaeagnus leaf, loquat leaf each five money, decoction; or Elaeagnus leaf grinding powder, twice a day, each time one and a half money, add sugar or honey, boiled water. Treatment carbuncle hair back, gold sore bleeding: fresh Hu leaf mashed apply affected area. Treatment of bee and snake bites: fresh Hu leaves mashed and twisted juice and wine service, residue applied to affected areas.

[Clinical Application]

① Treatment of chronic tracheitis

Elaeagnus leaf (dry), bidens pilosa each 5 money, water decoction, 2 sub-service, 10 days for a course of treatment. 87 cases were treated. After one course of treatment, 1 case was controlled, 14 cases were markedly effective, 59 cases were improved; after two courses of treatment, 16 cases were controlled, 29 cases were markedly effective, 33 cases were improved. To asthma, cough, expectoration have certain effect, especially antiasthmatic effect seems to be more significant. But the long-term efficacy remains to be seen.

② Treatment of asthma

The leaves of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. are dried, fried with slow fire until slightly yellow, and ground into powder for later use. Each time with hot rice soup to send 1 money, morning and evening 1, for 15 consecutive days, if necessary, can take several weeks. More than 100 cases were treated. The symptoms were improved after 10~15 days, and the attack times of some patients were reduced obviously, especially for patients with deficiency cold. Or daily with elaeagnus leaf 1 two, water decoction points 3 times service, even service 4 days. 5 cases were treated, all of them were effective in 3~4 days.

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