Grandpa picked up two kinds of treasures to grow flowers and have wonderful effects. What is it that green plants climb all over the wall?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Many friends like flowers, plant several pots on the balcony at home, watching their hard-growing plants grow up, there is a sense of happiness, but growing flowers or other plants, are the need to fertilize, potted plants are very easy.

Many friends prefer flowers. They plant several pots on the balcony at home and have a feeling of happiness as they watch their hard-raised plants grow up, but they all need to be fertilized to raise flowers or other plants. Potted plants are prone to symptoms of element deficiency and generally need topdressing. Many flower friends want to make their own flower fertilizer or nutrient solution to make plants take root faster, so I asked my grandfather who had been growing flowers and plants for many years. At home, he keeps green pineapple, jasmine, wealth tree, orchid, orchid and other plants very well.

Grandpa picked up two kinds of "treasures", which are used to grow flowers. Green plants climb all over the wall. What on earth is it?

First: soak willow branches in water to water the flowers.

Why use such a thing? Because willow twig water has the effect of rooting and sterilization. Generally, willow twig water is used for rooting and sprouting of some branch species, which is called rooting water, like common succulent plants. When putting on the basin, adding this kind of water can speed up rooting, which is beneficial to succulent plants and other plants to take pots and grow healthily.

Why does this kind of thing make the plants at home take root more quickly? Because the willow branches are rich in salicylic acid, which is conducive to the growth of green plants, we can cut the willow branches into several sections, then mash them, and put them into a container for fermentation. it should be noted that the container can be filled with water, which can be used for flowers in 7 days, and the effect is very good.

Some flowers at home may have to be cut, such as green pineapple, jasmine, orchid, etc., so we can use the fermented water and insert the cuttings we prepared into the willow rooting agent for about 12 hours, and then in the substrate of the cutting. it can take root on a Sunday. We can also wait for cuttings in the extract to give birth to white roots before cutting, the effect is better.

The second kind: using red brick to improve the air permeability of soil.

Air permeability can be used to measure soil quality, and it is also one of the reasons that affect the development of plant roots. Soil consolidation and poor air permeability will lead to poor root development and affect its quality and yield. So, how to improve the permeability of the soil? Knock the picked-up red brick into small pieces and put it under the flowerpot when moving the pot or changing the soil. A large number of pores on the red brick can also help pots absorb impurities in the soil, and the effect is still good.

If you raise succulent plants, you can use them. Of course, potted plants of other flowers can also be used. Succulent plants have higher requirements for soil permeability, especially Yulu, a succulent plant with thick leaves and developed roots, so it is afraid of rotting roots. this is also the characteristic of succulent plants, which I believe flower friends who have raised know it.

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