The most approachable potted plant of mountain weeds

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, People who like flowers and trees bonsai are people with atmosphere. The name "mountain grass" comes from Japanese and is similar to the Chinese word for "ornamental grass", from traditional calamus, bluegrass, Ophiopogon and Reed to egret and iron skin stone.

People who like flowers and trees and bonsai are all romantic people.

Mountain weeds

The name "mountain grass" comes from Japanese, and the meaning of "ornamental grass" is similar to the Chinese word for "ornamental grass". From the traditional calamus, bluegrass, Ophiopogon, Reed, to egret, Dendrobium candidum, blue ice grass, and soul returning grass, even all kinds of moss, succulent plants and small shrubs that do not belong to herbs can be included as long as they are of high ornamental value and suitable for family cultivation. In Japan and South Korea, the market scale of mountain weeds is larger than that of bonsai, not only because mountain weeds are popular earlier than sketch bonsai, but more importantly, mountain weeds are more suitable for entering families.

Beautiful, small and easy to raise

Mountain weeds full of wild interest in the mountain forest

Be loved by more and more people

The beauty of mountains and weeds

Lies in

Rich or poor, senseless elegance and vulgarity

Can enjoy it.

The joy of living with nature

'Mountain weeds'

They are small weeds born in the mountains.

From traditional orchids | Ophiopogon japonicus | Reed

To the new favorite of "grass play circle".

Acorus calamus | egret grass | Jiyu hairpin | Jihu ear | returning soul grass | cherry grass

All kinds of moss not even herbaceous | succulent | miniature shrubs

As long as the appearance is good, it is suitable for family cultivation.

All can be classified as' mountain weeds'

Of course, high-end bonsai has its own specific groups.

As ordinary people,

It is economical and artistic to enjoy the mountain weeds.

At the same time, it is not necessary to have a lot of expertise in bonsai.

A blade of grass, a flower

Add a broken flowerpot or even old leather shoes to decorate.

Trimmed to suit your own personality of mountain grass bonsai

You can not only entertain yourself, but also communicate and appreciate with three or two friends.

Why not?

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