To welcome the new situation after the epidemic, the clothing Association, together with Taiwan's target clothing manufacturers, will provide you with the most reassuring medical clothing solution.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, (Taiwan TB News Network / reporter Zhu Zhu) in the face of the trend of circular economy, German-style horse enterprises combined with Daai Thanksgiving technology for environmental recycling innovative fabrics, launched a new "InnovativeUniform" innovative overalls, the use of Taiwan's professional environmental recycling fabrics to antibacterial, anti-fouling,.

Welcome to the new bureau after the epidemic, clothing association and Taiwan index clothing industry, to provide you with the most secure medical clothing solutions

(Taiwan TB News Network/Reporter Zhu Zhu) In the face of the circular economy trend, German Horse Enterprises combined with Love Thanksgiving Technology environmental recycling innovative fabrics, launched a new "Innovative Uniform" innovative work clothes, using Taiwan professional environmental recycling fabrics, with antibacterial, anti-pollution, moisture absorption and sweat... and other functions to meet the needs of workplace wear, ergonomic design makes work clothes more comfortable, so that textile innovation technology can be closer to the hearts of the people, leading the future "green economy" new lifestyle.

Kunzhou Industrial, as a professional garment manufacturer, established QDRT Global in 2020 based on the corporate philosophy of You wear, we care and focused on developing the next generation of clothing accessories, especially during the epidemic, launched the brand Quadrant to respond to the wearing needs of new lifestyles with products such as masks and protective clothing, so that clothing can not only be antibacterial and epidemic prevention, but also show personality.

Piello Industrial's brand paqqo is committed to providing medical staff with both safety and comfort professional clothing, select antibacterial, odor suppression, antistatic top fabrics, exclusive three-dimensional printing design super fit, wear free movement is not hindered, so that medical workers in the front line can be at ease into a challenging working environment, while showing professional style.

From the medical work environment of the wearing needs, considering the employees in the work environment may face harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, UV threats, clothing must be able to meet the comfort, ventilation, antibacterial, but also to suppress odor, UV resistance, so the use of high-quality functional fabrics in Taiwan, committed to the development of professional expectations and can show the medical uniform, so that every medical staff can confidently and calmly protect the health of the people.

Xingcai recognizes the impact of rapid climate change on human living environment, and aims to become a global environmentally friendly functional textile company; in addition to the well-known "S.Café® Eco-friendly Technology Coffee Yarn", waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics can maintain protective effectiveness after repeated washing for 30 times, and with hot melt adhesive technology to prevent blood and virus penetration, personal protection products can be both medical protection purposes and sustainability.

Shenqi Fashion specializes in the production and manufacture of sports and outdoor leisure functional clothing. In 2020, when COVID-19 strikes, it will be put into the national epidemic prevention team at the first time. It will use the high-level waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics of its parent company to provide protective clothing for domestic medical personnel to fight the epidemic. It has also successively obtained the first-class medical equipment license of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the manufacturer's drug dealer license, Drug dealer license and quarantine clothing production and export license, is your best choice of epidemic prevention clothing. Taiwan Garment Industry Association

Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition

Date: 2021. 10/14-15-16

Venue: Nangang Hall 2 (Garment Association) Medical Supplies Q0303

(Wu Daochang, chairman of the Taiwan Garment Association, said that in recent years, the garment industry, whether in the production end or the consumer end market, can be described as ever-changing, and the future will continue to promote the development of smart textiles and AI in the garment industry. Circular economy and inheritance of garment industry.)