2021 Asian E-sports Open Ends "Shangshan Ruoshui" Wins Million Bonus

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, (Taiwan TB News Network/Reporter Sun Yaozhang) New North annual e-sports event "2021 Asian e-sports open", since the start of July, more than 6,200 players participated, after a fierce battle, September 5 evening "League of Legends" finals results finally came out, by "Shangshan...

The 2021 Asian eSports Open ended, "Shangshan Ruoshui" won the championship and won a prize of one million yuan.

(Taiwan TB News Network / reporter Sun Yaozhang) since the start of the new northern e-sports event "2021 Asian E-Sports Open", more than 6200 good players have participated in the competition. After a fierce battle, the final result of "League of Legends" was finally announced on the evening of September 5. "Shangshan Ruoshui" beat "Taipei Xiong Zan", won the championship in one fell swoop, and won a prize of NT $1 million.

Hou Youyi, mayor of Xinbei, said that this summer, Xinbei held the "2021 Asian E-Sports Open" to create a platform for e-sports events, so that young friends can compete online while preventing epidemic disease at home, and enjoy e-sports 's excitement. I would like to congratulate the champions of "League of Legends", "League of Legends-roaring Abyss Challenge" and "FreeFire- I want to live", and stand out from the fierce competition all the way. With excellent operation, the champion is well deserved.

Hou Youyi stressed that since last year, the municipal government has joined hands with private sports units and e-sports industry to hold the "Asian E-Sports Open" to build the exclusive brand of e-sports in Xinbei. The "110 National Games" held in Xinbei in October was the first of its kind in the country. E-sports was included in the official project. We continue to create a positive atmosphere for e-sports, show the attitude of supporting e-sports with heart, and encourage more people to join e-sports. And then invest in related industries, promote e-sports 's business opportunities and develop momentum. The competition of the new Nortel is non-stop. In the National Games in October, the good players of e-sports in various counties and cities will certainly do their best. I believe it will bring you a different experience of e-sports events. I hope you can also pay attention to the e-sports events of the National Games. Cheer for the supporting team.

The Economic Development Bureau pointed out that in addition to hosting large-scale e-sports events such as the Asian E-Sports Open and invigorating e-sports culture, the city government also attaches great importance to the cultivation of e-sports industrial talents. The "New Nortel Competition Base" in Sanzhong District is the core field for promoting e-sports, offering e-sports industrial talent training courses, training competition planning, anchor evaluation, audio-visual production and broadcasting, and computer graphics. At the same time, it helps outstanding e-sports students. Participate in e-sports event planning, event implementation and industry internship, training more than 500 e-sports industry professionals every year.

This Asian E-Sports Open has won the joint support of domestic and foreign enterprises, such as MSI MSI Technology, Inte Intel, HyperX Kingston, Chunghwa Telecom, Sanli Group, China Trust and Taiwan Electric Power Company. in the future, the municipal government will strengthen business cooperation, and continue to promote the links between new Nortel industries, talents and activities, expand the e-sports industrial chain, and let e-sports culture continue to ferment in Xinbei, and the industry will develop vigorously.

The annual event "2021 Asian E-Sports Open" hosted by the New Taipei city government ended, and the team "Shangshan Ruoshui" won the championship. (courtesy of New Taipei Economic and Development Bureau)