Taichung "bee flower" peerless! 43 bee farmers won awards for domestic longan honey evaluation

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Taichung City Agricultural Bureau continues to promote bee products in the field, and assists the Waipu District Farmers Association to hold "110 Year Taichung City Domestic Longan Honey Quality Evaluation" on the morning of 16th. Through instrument and professional evaluation, the sensory evaluation is conducted strictly for the initial and final review.

Taichung "Fenghua" is the last generation! 43 bee farmers won the award for the evaluation of domestic longan honey

Taichung Municipal Bureau of Agriculture continued to promote ground bee products and coached Waipu District Farmers' Association to hold "110 quality Evaluation of domestic Longan Honey in Taichung City" on the morning of the 16th, and conducted a rigorous initial and reexamination through instrument and professional sensory evaluation. In the end, 14 won the special prize, 27 won the first prize, 2 won the excellent prize, and a total of 43 bee farmers won the prize. The special prize and the first prize honey were all crowned with "Taichung Honey" promotion marketing. The Excellence Award presents trophies (medals) as encouragement to improve the quality of Taichung bee production and market competitiveness.

The Agriculture Bureau said that the evaluation invited experts and scholars such as the Miaoli District Agricultural improvement Farm of the Executive Yuan Agricultural Committee, the Animal and Plant Disease Prevention and Quarantine Bureau of the Agricultural Committee, Huwei University of Science and Technology, as well as the appraiser of honey products, to conduct sensory evaluation on the flavor, aroma, color and other items. In the end, 14 people, including Chen Minghuang and Hong Wenxiang, won the special prize, while Lin Chunsong and Yuan Shihan won the first prize. Chen Jiting, Cai Zong proverb and other two won the award of excellence.

The Agriculture Bureau pointed out that this year, a total of 45 pieces of honey came from beekeeping and marketing classes in Dali, Taiping, Waipu, Wufeng, Beitun, Houli, Heping and Fengyuan, which met the general quality standards and did not detect 2 kinds of 11 kinds of antibiotics. a total of 44 pieces of honey with 383 pesticide residues were reviewed and entered the sensory evaluation; the evaluation also cooperated with epidemic prevention measures to allow the judges to compare flavor, aroma and color at their respective evaluation tables.

The Bureau of Agriculture added that this year's abnormal climate was affected by drought, and longan blossoms bloomed, but the physical marketing channel was still affected by the epidemic, so by evaluating and promoting high-quality longan honey with unique aroma and flavor in Taichung City, so that consumers can directly negotiate to buy and feel at ease to taste "Taichung Fenghua", at the same time protect the rights and interests of bee farmers and promote the sustainable development of the beekeeping industry. The information of the award-winning bee farmers is posted on the official website of the Bureau of Agriculture ( The order number is Waipu District Peasant Association (04-26832311), Wufeng District Peasant Association (04-23303171), Houli District Peasant Association (04-25565116), Dali District Peasant Association (04-24068011), Taiping District Peasant Association (04-22781148), Heping District Peasant Association (04-25941880), Fengyuan District Peasant Association (04-25524111), Taichung District Peasant Association (04-22083899).