Taiwan cuisine Korean variety show wins Creative braised pork rice convenience store officially launched

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has been deeply cultivating the Korean market to Taiwan for many years. The exchange of visits between Taiwan and South Korea exceeded 2.45 million person-times in 2019. Since 2020, the global COVID-19 epidemic has also temporarily affected South Korean tourists visiting Taiwan. According to statistics, Taiwan was a Korean citizen before the epidemic.

Taiwanese cuisine Korean variety show wins creative Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork convenience store officially launched

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has been ploughing the South Korean market for many years, and the number of visits between Taiwan and South Korea has exceeded 2.45 million in 2019. Since 2020, affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic, it has also temporarily affected South Korean people to come to Taiwan for sightseeing. According to statistics, before the epidemic, Taiwan was one of the top five overseas tourist destinations for South Korean people. In order to maintain the popularity of Taiwan's publicity in South Korea, it is necessary to strive for South Korean people to choose Taiwan as a tourist destination after the epidemic. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has continued to strengthen SNS online publicity, set up a small press corps of Korean students in Taiwan, and hold B to B online promotion meetings and other means to continuously market Taiwan in South Korea.

According to a survey on the trend of tourists to Taiwan, delicious food or special snacks is one of the important factors to attract South Korean people to visit Taiwan, providing the unforgettable Taiwanese flavor of Korean people who cannot go abroad during the epidemic, especially in cooperation with South Korean KBS 2 television station on May 7, the 25th program of "New products on the Market convenience Restaurant" (hereinafter referred to as convenience Restaurant) Famous actor Li Jingyi and famous local Chinese chef Li Lianfu were invited to compete with three other teams on the program with the theme of reviewing their trip to find Taiwanese food. Finally, Taiwan's Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork joined the Korean characteristics to win the victory. In addition to the competition, the program also introduces the beautiful scenery and various delicacies of Taiwan, which is only 2 hours and 30 minutes from South Korea.

The winning "Li Jingyi Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork" will not only be sold on the CU convenience store channel in South Korea, and the proceeds will be donated to local vulnerable groups, but will also cooperate with the cooking bag specialist "Fresh Easy" to sell condiment sauces. Ministry of Communications Tourism Bureau for Taiwan's representative food can win in South Korea's well-known variety shows, at the same time, in order to continue to promote Taiwan tourism to South Korean people during the epidemic, followed by Taiwan tourism Facebook and Instagram official accounts held a lucky draw, South Korean people left in the activity posts to facilitate the restaurant program to win the name of the meal can participate, and for the Korean people at home can make delicious Rice with Stewed Pork, Taiwan Style The winning creative recipes are also introduced on SNS, so that South Koreans who are temporarily unable to come to Taiwan can revisit the charm of Taiwan's cuisine and welcome them to visit Taiwan and taste various Taiwanese flavors in person after the epidemic.