"Chiayi Aurora" cantaloupe returns strongly in spring

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Chiayi fruit top boutique "Chiayi aurora" went on sale in spring! Chiayi County-twice last year, we cooperated with Dongsen Shopping Station to market "AURORAMELON" cantaloupe, which sold out on the first day, received high praise and made frequent calls.

"Chiayi Aurora" Hami melon spring strong return

Chiayi fruit top quality products "Chiayi aurora" spring market! Chiayi County-Last year, we cooperated with Dongsen Shopping Center twice to sell "AURORA MELON" Hami melon. It sold out on the first day of sale and won great praise. We kept calling to buy it back. County magistrate Weng Zhangliang went to the shopping platform again on May 12. The fire was fully open and the heat was sold. Consumers didn't have to go to the place of origin in person. They could easily place orders by phone or mobile phone app and immediately taste the top-level Hami melon.

Chiayi County Agriculture Department said that in order to establish the Chiayi Aurora agricultural products brand and guide farmers to produce high-quality melons and fruits, each Chiayi Aurora sold this year has a label certification, the county government for consumers to check, for weight, sweetness, appearance, pesticide residue inspection qualified approval, can be sold under the name of "Chiayi Aurora", to provide consumers with peace of mind, safe and delicious agricultural products.

Chiayi County Mayor Weng Chang-liang points out that Chiayi County's own brand of aurora is a top-notch variety.When it was first launched last year, it became very popular. There are only two spring and autumn harvests each year. If you miss it, you have to wait another six months. This time, the county government once again cooperated with Dongsen Shopping Platform to sell limited quantities, introducing Chiayi County's best agricultural products to consumers nationwide.

County magistrate Weng Zhangliang said that Chiayi Aurora skin is thin and juicy, with caramel aroma, very resistant to storage, refrigerated for a month, the flesh is as fresh and sweet, limited sales, please seize the opportunity to buy online, absolutely can not miss again.