Pingtung pineapple and Lianwu are exported to Canada by air.

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Pingtung County-committed to expanding the overseas market of agricultural products in the county, the "2021 Pingdong pineapple and Lianwu Air Export Canada Press Conference" was held at the Gaoshu Township Greenland Cooperative on the 24th.

Pingtung pineapple, lotus mist exported to Canada by air

Pingtung County-Committed to expanding the overseas market of agricultural products in the county, the "2021 Pingtung pineapple and lotus mist air export Canadian press conference" was held in Gaoshu Township Greenland Cooperative on the 24th, and 500 boxes of pineapple and 120 kilograms of lotus mist were exported by air to Canadian supermarkets to expand the export channel of Pingtung fruit. Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Mengan, Director General of Jiadong Rural Association Lin Shuling, Pingtung County Greenland Cooperative Chairman Guo Zhiwei, Yu Shang Wu Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Jinjuan and others attended the witness. County Mayor Pan Meng-an says that the county government is actively expanding its global reach, breaking through new channels, and working with local farmers and farmers 'groups to promote marketing to emerging markets.

County magistrate Pan Mengan pointed out that so far this year, Pingtung pineapple domestic export orders have reached more than 30,000 metric tons, export currently totals 5,287 metric tons, export value reached 190 million yuan, export countries and regions to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, etc., continue to expand markets such as Australia and other countries. In addition, Pingtung Lotus has exported a total of 572 tons so far, with an export value of 60 million yuan. The export countries and regions are Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and other countries. There is still considerable room for development in all aspects.

Pan Meng-an, county magistrate, says that Pingtung pineapples have been exported by air and sea to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, this year to ensure the best quality and to be welcomed by overseas Chinese and the public, with outstanding results in price and sales. This year because of the epidemic caused shipping, flight adjustment, resulting in this year Pingtung lotus fog slow air transport to Canada, so that Canadian friends can also share the sweet honey of Pingtung lotus fog.

According to the Agriculture Department of Pingtung County, pineapple production in Pingtung County takes place from February to June every year, with an area of about 3,509 hectares, making it the largest production area in Taiwan. The main producing areas range from Pingbei to Neipu and Kaoshu to Wanluan.This year Pingtung pineapple exports are striving to break through overseas markets.The current shipment of Pingtung lotus pineapple to Canada is expected to set off a wave of Pingtung fruit in Canada.