In order to protect the algal reef, Pan Zhongzheng called on him not to sacrifice the 7600 years of algal reef coast at the expense of flaws in decision-making.

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, In order to protect the algal reef, Pan Zhongzheng called on him not to sacrifice the 7600 years of algal reef coast at the expense of flaws in decision-making.


In order to increase the proportion of green energy, CNPC selected the ecologically sensitive Tai Tan algal Reef area to build a third natural gas receiving station (hereinafter referred to as "three connections") to achieve the policy goal of "natural gas power supply accounts for 50% of total electricity generation in 2025". However, according to a survey conducted by the Academia Sinica, the Tai Tan algae Reef is inhabited by nearly 100 species, and the ring group also asked for the designation of natural landscapes or protected areas, but they were kicked by the central and local governments, allowing the ecology to be destroyed.

Relying on their own efforts, the people have conducted more than 125 press conferences, more than a dozen large-scale initiatives, and countless ecological tours in a short period of two years, hoping to arouse civic awareness and resist political and economic forces. The algal reef referendum was jointly launched by more than 70 civic groups, which is Taiwan's first referendum case based on the environment and ecology. the fierce confrontation between the private sector and the government has caused a huge social uproar.

In the campaign to protect the algae reef, the person who made the greatest contribution and lasted the longest time was Pan Zhongzheng, the convener of the "Action Alliance to Save Tai Tam algae Reef," which has been fighting for 10 years. Since the launch of the referendum, Pan Zhongzheng has come under fierce attack and has been labelled as "raising algae with nuclear weapons." Pan Zhongzheng said calmly: the DPP does not speak out on the issue of environmental protection and does not review the flaws in the development process. I just want to confuse the public. "but time will slowly prove the truth, and votes will prove the choice of the people."

Pan Zhongzheng called on everyone to participate in co-signing to save the algae reef. (courtesy of he Zongxun) Pan Zhongzheng devoted himself to environmental protection and accidentally discovered that the algae reef was a treasure

After retiring from teaching 20 years ago, Pan Zhongzheng devoted himself to the environmental movement and drove the oil refinery out of Guanyin through concerted efforts.

After blocking the refinery, Pan Zhongzheng thought that the industrial zone was a big cake coveted by the consortium. After leaving the oil plant, other factories would come one day, and it was bound to require a star-level means to protect it. He remembered the algal reef he saw on the seaside when he was doing mangrove conservation. With the mentality of having a try for a while, Pan Zhongzheng invited Liu Jingyu, who is known as the "mother of the algal reef," to hold a two-day seminar, taking everyone to watch the night and the morning, and gain a lot of basic knowledge, which also made Pan Zhongzheng fall in love with the algal reef. "I originally wanted to use the algal reef as a means, but later I found that it should be an end, a protected treasure."

Many research results indicate that Tai Tam algae Reef is once in a thousand years and rich in ecology. (courtesy of Liu Jingyu) algae reefs are the world's treasures that take shape for seven thousand years.