Control methods of potted flower aphids?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Control methods of potted flower aphids?

Now many people will weigh some potted flowers in their spare time, and nearly many people reflect that family potted flowers are often harmed by aphids, especially chrysanthemums and mulberry plants. Next, I would like to share with you the prevention and control methods of potted flower aphids.

The control methods of potted flower aphids are as follows:

First, the yellow board trapping method selects a piece of cardboard or wood that is 20 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide, affixed with yellow paper, and then coated with a layer of butter on the yellow paper to make the trapping board, which is inserted into the flowerpot, making use of the aphid's tendency to yellow to stick aphids on the trapping board to achieve the purpose of eliminating aphids.

Second, spray liquor above 45 degrees, do not need to water, directly use a small sprayer to spray liquor on flowers with aphids, spray once every morning and evening for three days, can basically eliminate aphids.

Third, the urine washing mixture method takes the right amount of clean water, adds a little washing powder and urea, and prepares the urine washing mixture, which is sprayed on the flowers with a small sprayer, spraying after 5pm every day for 3 days, which can effectively control aphids.

Fourth, the method of pest control can catch some ladybugs from the farmland and put them on flowers with aphids, and use ladybugs to eat aphids to achieve the purpose of controlling aphids.

Fifth, plant ash filtrate method to take 1 kg of plant ash with 5 kg of water, soak for 24 hours, take filtrate spray, can effectively prevent and control aphids.

Sixth, leek insect prevention method with fresh leek 1 kg plus a small amount of water, mashed after squeezing leek juice, per kg of raw juice to add 6 kg of water for spray. At the same time, it can also treat the powdery mildew of flowers.

7. Garlic preparation method takes 1 kilogram of fresh garlic and mashes it with water, squeezes garlic juice, and then sprays 1 kilogram of garlic juice with 10 kilograms of water, which has a better control effect on flower aphids.

8. The fresh castor leaves were soaked in 1 kg of water and 2 kg of water for 24 hours, then boiled for 10 minutes, then the filtrate was sprayed with twice as much water, and the damage of aphids could be effectively controlled by spraying 2 Mel for 3 times.

Ninth, tobacco pest control method with dried tobacco leaves 1 kg plus 20 kg of water, soak for 24 hours, filter and spray. The tobacco can also be chopped and watered, soaked for 48 hours, filtered and sprayed. It has a good killing effect on flower aphids.

The willow leaf control method takes fresh willow leaves with an appropriate amount of water, mash them, soak them in 3 times of water for 48 hours or boil for 30 minutes, and spray them after filtration, which has a control effect on flower aphids.

Potted flower aphid control methods to share with you the above ten points, I hope you can use flexibly.