How does gentleman orchid apply fertilizer reasonably in autumn? If you don't understand, come here.

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How does gentleman orchid apply fertilizer reasonably in autumn? If you don't understand, come here.

Orchids generally blossom in winter, and autumn is the time to focus on the care of orchids, only in this way, then the flowers of orchids in winter can be more bright and fuller. So,

The important thing to take care of the magnolia in autumn is to apply fertilizer and let it have enough nutrition before it blossoms, so that the orchid can grow healthier and more powerfully. Before fertilizing, we should pay attention to the temperature of the environment where the orchid is located. Too high temperature will make the fertilizer corrupt and should not be integrated with the soil, so it will not be able to provide nutrition for the orchid. So under normal circumstances, we choose to fertilize the orchid at the end of August and the beginning of September. If you happen to read this article at this time, you can start to fertilize the orchid.

Magnolia is dormant in summer, so when fertilizing for the first time in autumn, we should pay attention to the concentration and amount of fertilizer, if too much fertilizer will make it difficult to absorb, if the concentration is too high, it will burn out the root system of Cymbidium.

Therefore, before fertilizing the orchid, the fertilizer should be diluted to a certain concentration, and a small amount of fertilizer should be applied to let the orchid adapt gradually.

Fertilization is not an urgent task. It is not that today's fertilization will make the orchid grow tall and strong tomorrow. The gentleman orchid after fertilization needs a process of adaptation. During this period, the gentleman orchid will gradually get used to the nutrition provided by fertilizer. This process takes about 15 days, so in half a month, we can prepare for the second fertilization of Magnolia. This fertilization can be based on organic fertilizer. And the amount of fertilizer can be increased, this time should be around mid-September, when the gentleman orchid has fully recovered from the dormant period, it is also in urgent need of enough fertilizer to provide nutrition. We can choose ready-made organic fertilizer, or we can make some organic fertilizer ourselves, or we can add some rotten leaves to the soil.

The time of fertilization is very important, fertilizing Cymbidium in the dusk is easy to absorb, it should be noted that do not choose too much nitrogen fertilizer, because we want to make Cymbidium grow more luxuriantly and blossom more beautifully, and if we choose too much nitrogen fertilizer, it will make the leaves of Cymbidium grow too long, making it lack of beauty. And fertilizer needs to be added along the edge of the basin when fertilizing, and the fertilizer must not be drained directly into the root system, which will burn the root system of Magnolia and cause irreparable damage.

When the temperature gradually drops, we should reduce the fertilization of Magnolia, and stop fertilizing when the temperature is as low as 10 ℃.