Diagnosis and treatment of cotton-blowing beetle insects in Cymbidium

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Diagnosis and treatment of cotton-blowing beetle insects in Cymbidium

Colored magnolia is a kind of flower with strong resistance to insect pests, and most pests do little harm to it, so it is not introduced. At present, only a few kinds of insect pests are often encountered in cultivation and cultivation, one of which is called "blowing cotton shell insect", also known as cotton worm, female insect body length 3mm, orange in the body, white powder on the body surface, oral organ degeneration, two meat protuberances at the end of the abdomen, and several long hairs on them. The body of the male is orange-yellow and flat and oval. Generally speaking, larvae and females are parasitic on the false bulbs, leaves or folds of Cymbidium. This kind of insect pest is very harmful to Cailan, which can occur all the year round, especially in spring, summer and autumn. Due to poor ventilation, high temperature and high humidity in the greenhouse in summer, this condition is the most suitable for the breeding and breeding of "blowing cotton shell insects". The cotton-blowing insect mainly harms the pseudobulbs and leaves, sucking the sap from the plant through the mouthparts. At the beginning, it only parasites on the false bulb, and in serious cases, it spreads to all parts of the leaves. If the insect is not killed in time, the plant will gradually weaken and affect the normal growth and development of the plant.

Prevention and control methods:

Once this kind of pest is found, light people can gently wipe off the insect body with gauze dipped in soapy water, at the same time, ventilation should be carried out to reduce indoor temperature and humidity, and the temperature difference will increase sooner or later, which can not only prevent the occurrence of this kind of pest. It is also conducive to plant growth and reduce other diseases. The use of drug treatment can use Baizhi to kill insects and prevent them. For plants that have suffered from insect pests, wipe off the insects with gauze first, and then sprinkle Baizhitu insecticides. For the plants without insect pests, the insecticide can also be sprayed into the space of the false bulb, which can play a role in prevention and control, and the pesticide "Huawei No. 1" can be sprayed twice with a concentration of 1500 times, and the treatment and control effect is very good.