How to prevent the empty root of orchids?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to prevent the empty root of orchids?

When we turn and change orchids, we often find the phenomenon of empty roots of orchids. How to prevent this from happening? Here are two tips for you.

First, to prevent the empty root of orchids from watering, put an end to "half of the water." Watering orchids is not only a basic skill of Yilan, but also a difficult problem to master. The difficulty lies in the phenomenon of "half water" due to watering. The so-called "half water" means that the moisture of the plant material in the upper part of the orchid basin is moderately moist, while the lower part is dry. This is the crux of the problem that causes the empty root of Langen. There are two ways to put an end to this phenomenon: one is to water the orchid repeatedly several times, not to stop watering at the sight of the running water at the bottom of the orchid basin. In fact, sometimes when the orchid is watered a little, the water flows out from the bottom of the orchid basin, but the internal plant material is dry. Therefore, it is necessary to repeatedly water several times to ensure that the plant material is moist. The second is to use the "sitting basin" (soaking basin) method to water. That is, put the orchid basin in the container holding water, so that the height of the surface of the basin soil is basically the same as the height of the water surface in the container, so that the water slowly moistens the plant material upward from the bottom of the basin. This method is watered evenly.

Second, to prevent the orchid empty root plant material to be adjusted evenly to ensure that the potted soil is in contact with the orchid root. The ancient spectrum says, "if a root does not touch the earth, its root is empty." It is indeed speaking from experience. Practice has proved that if the basin soil does not come into contact with Langen for a long time, Langen will lose water in the air, and the phenomenon of empty root will occur. Based on this, this requires Yilan people to adjust the plant materials evenly when planting orchids, and add them in turn according to the order of large, medium and small particles, and each additional layer of plant material should gently pat the basin wall to make the basin soil contact with the orchid root. After finishing the basin, the "sitting basin" (soaking basin) method is used to irrigate the water; further increase the contact surface between the orchid root and the plant material, and then be included in the daily management, if managed properly, the orchid empty root phenomenon can be effectively avoided.

To prevent the empty roots of orchids, we should pay attention to the two methods described above.