There is a way for a gentleman's orchid to rot.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, There is a way for a gentleman's orchid to rot.

Gentleman orchid as its name is like a modest gentleman, growing up is particularly attractive, no matter when it is blooming or not, it is a very good ornamental plant, many people like to raise a pot, its leaves are green, flowering clusters, attractive. However, when raising orchids, we will encounter a lot of unsatisfactory places, for example, the leaves of orchids turn yellow, but it is more common.

The flowers of Cymbidium are bright and have high ornamental value, but the cultivation of Cymbidium is not so easy, so it is necessary to master strong breeding technology. In the process of planting magnolia, rotting roots appear particularly frequently, how to control the effect better.

If the young seedlings of Cymbidium are yellow and the leaves have maculae, they may be rotten roots, which can be examined by breaking the soil. When it was found that the rotten roots of Cymbidium were found, the rotten roots were cut off, and the roots were soaked with new high-fat membrane to isolate virus infection and strengthen respiratory intensity. Plant into a new pot, use Root Shitong to irrigate roots, promote plant root development, strong immunohistochemical antibodies, navigate for plant matching (water, fertilizer, medicine) nutrient elements, and improve the positive energy of plant root development. Put it in a 25 ℃ ventilated place, do not water too much, it will take about 30 days to grow new roots.

Note: high-temperature and humid environment to prevent reproduction, bacterial infection, in this environment a large number of reproduction, direct damage to the root system and cause rotten root. Therefore, in the summer and autumn high temperature season, excessive fertilization and watering, it is easy to appear root rot.