How to configure the orchid soil?

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, How to configure the orchid soil?

How to configure the orchid soil.

Orchids are famous flowers in China, with a long history of conservation. Orchids themselves are also very beautiful flowers. We all know that orchids grow roots first, so the most important thing to grow roots is the soil. So what kind of soil do orchids like?

We have several basic requirements for orchids. First, acidic soil is conducive to the growth of orchids. Secondly, we need more fertile soil, because we can't fertilize orchids at the initial stage of planting. Finally, the drainage is good, because the orchid root is relatively delicate, stagnant water is easy to let the orchid root rot.

The first kind of use is more rotten leaves and the soil in the green belt of the community, these two materials are relatively easy to find, and the fertility of rotten leaves is also relatively high, and finally spread a layer of sawdust or coarse sand at the bottom to enhance drainage.

The second is to use pebbles, water moss, bark and other soil to maintain it. We can put these materials in layers, such as pebbles, we can put them at the bottom, with good drainage, bark and water moss in the middle, and soil on top.

Orchids want to preserve not only the soil but also watering and fertilization, but mastering the scientific way of conservation is not a thing, pay attention to the editor to a wave of encouragement.