How to water orchids during germination period

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to water orchids during germination period

Orchid is a common flower plant that many potted friends like to raise. Potted plants are not only suitable for appreciation, but also embellish and beautify the space, which is very practical. And the usual maintenance and management is also relatively simple, as long as timely watering can make it maintain good growth.

However, the orchids in the germination stage are relatively fragile, and it is easy to cause plant problems if they are not watered properly. If the water is directly watered at ordinary times, it is not appropriate to adopt this method in the germination period. So, what about.

Orchid germination period requires timely watering, if it is not watered for a long time and let it suffer from drought, it may lead to slow budding and sprouting, and may even make the new buds wither. But improper watering may also cause rotten buds and rotten roots.

In order to water the orchids in the germination stage scientifically, we mainly take the following measures, which can avoid both rotten buds and rotten roots. Let's take a look at it.

In general, move the sprouting orchid pot to the bathroom and use the Yuba sprinkler to water along the edge of the orchid pot. It is also necessary to spray water evenly along the edge of the basin in a circle, so that the water can not be poured directly into the basin to cause stagnant water, and it can also avoid spraying the water on the new buds to cause rotten buds.

Although this method of watering is more scientific, there is also a problem, that is, the problem of water quality. Fresh tap water is usually not suitable for watering flowers, after all, there are a lot of disinfectant and germicidal substances, which are disadvantageous to the growth of orchids.

It is suggested that you build a pool on the balcony on the roof. You can collect Rain Water at ordinary times, then connect the water pipes and sprinklers, and then water the orchids according to the above method. You can also draw water from the river to water the orchids.

However, this method is generally suitable for growers with a large number of orchid potted plants. for family users, Rain Water or the river can be watered evenly along the pot of the flowerpot.

However, no matter what water source is used to water the budding orchid potted plants, everyone is required not to sprinkle the water directly on the new buds, otherwise it will easily cause rotten buds. And don't pour water directly into the flowerpot, because it will cause rotten roots after causing stagnant water in the pot.