In what season do orchids blossom? what do you pay attention to when raising orchids?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, In what season do orchids blossom? what do you pay attention to when raising orchids?

Fertilizer application: the principle of orchid fertilization is that it must be applied, and it is even more difficult to apply it more or more. Generally speaking, new leaf buds can be applied several times with a small amount of light fertilizer. The Spring Equinox, the Autumn Equinox and about 20 days after the flower fade are both more appropriate seasons. The best fertilization time is in the evening, and water is watered again in the next morning. Apply once every 2 to 3 weeks. At the same time, potassium dihydrogen phosphate was sprayed every 20 days to promote the blooming of pregnant buds. Depending on the leaf color fertilization, is a more appropriate way, the leaf is yellow and thin is lack of fertilizer, should be topdressing, black and leaf tip scorch is too much fertilizer, should stop fertilization. Fertilizer must be mature, can not be used without maturity, do not use human feces. Watering essentials:

(1) the orchid should be watered less at flowering stage and leaf budding stage.

(2) watering in the early morning or evening in summer should not be too much, and the amount of water in autumn can be increased appropriately.

(3) spray every evening in the dry season. Spray upward, the fog point is fine and uniform, so that the leaf surface is moist, the ground is moist, and the air humidity is increased. Sometimes it is best to spray several times a day, watering should be watered from the edge of the basin, not on the head, not at noon.

(4) although watering in winter can be greatly reduced, but it is not without watering, be careful not to let the basin soil dry thoroughly, before the beginning of winter and spring and watering the leaf sheath along the wet, to be dried and moved into the room to avoid decay. Pruning essentials: the withered and yellow old leaves and disease and insect leaves should be constantly cut off in orchid cultivation to facilitate ventilation. After the flower buds are unearthed, each plant should leave a strong flower bud and the rest should be cut off so as not to consume too much nutrients and affect flowering in the coming year. After the flower fades, the flower stalk should be cut off. Replacement of basin soil:

The main results are as follows: (1) it is best for orchids to change pots and introduce orchids from cool autumn to Xiaoyang spring in October. Orchids need to change pots once every two years. Changing pots early and changing pots frequently is disadvantageous to the growth of orchids.

(2) some orchids cultivated in small "orchid pots" grow well. When orchid seedlings reach more than six seedlings, the pots should be changed once a year.

(3) for those orchids with poor growth and severe dry scorch of leaf tips, they may have rotten roots, or the soil may not be able to adapt. The basin should be changed in time at this time. Emergency basin change can be carried out at any time, but attention must be paid to keeping warm and humid after changing the basin.