Adopting Cold Storage Technology of fresh cut Flowers to improve Flower quality

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Adopting Cold Storage Technology of fresh cut Flowers to improve Flower quality

Cold storage can be divided into wet storage and dry storage. Wet storage refers to the cold storage of the stem tip of fresh cut flowers in water or fresh-keeping solution, which is usually suitable for short-term storage. Dry storage refers to the method of cold storage of fresh cut flowers treated with pretreatment solution packed with polyethylene film, which is mainly used for long-term storage. Most of the fresh cut flowers, such as carnation and chrysanthemum, are kept fresh for longer time in dry storage than in wet storage, and the quality of cut flowers is better. But some cut flowers, such as African chrysanthemum, are better kept wet than dry.

The general technical requirements for dry storage are as follows:

1. Harvest. It is generally harvested when the buds are mature and not yet in full bloom. Early harvest, immature development, lack of nutrition accumulation, is not conducive to promoting flowers after storage, resulting in buds not blooming or flowers small. Rose will also appear elbow phenomenon, seriously affecting the quality of cut flowers.

2. Sterilization treatment. In order to prevent the damage of virus during storage, fungicides can be used to impregnate the leaves at the end of flower stems for spraying or fumigation. Choose agents with low toxicity, no pollution, similar efficacy and storage time.

3. Pretreatment. Before storage, the stem tip of the cut flower was dipped in the pretreatment solution for pretreatment. The purpose is to inhibit the production of ethylene, provide nutrients or sterilization, and promote water absorption. Different cut flowers have special pretreatment solution. The treatment time depends on the type and concentration of the pretreatment solution, ranging from 10-30 minutes to 12-24 hours.

4. Packing. Usually use good permeability of agricultural polyethylene film packaging, the bag can be put into a small packet of oxygen, ethylene or carbon dioxide adsorbent. The commonly used oxygen adsorbents are bisulfite, ethylene and carbon dioxide adsorbents are coke molecular sieve, activated carbon and so on. After packing, put it in a carton with holes and move it into the freezer for storage.

5. Storage. The suitable humidity is 90% ℃ 95%, and the temperature depends on the species of cut flowers. Generally, the cut flowers of temperate origin are 0 ℃-4 ℃, and the cut flowers of subtropical and tropical origin are 4 ℃-7 ℃ and 7 Mel-15 ℃ respectively. The storage time varies according to the type of cut flowers, such as carnation for 4-6 months, chrysanthemum for 3 weeks, and rose for about 2 weeks.

6. Urge the flower. Under the suitable temperature and light environment, the stem tip of the cut flower was dipped in the flowering solution to promote the flowering. The general temperature is 20 ℃-25 ℃ and the light is 1000-2000LX. Most cut flowers can bloom within a week, reaching the market cut flower standard. Different cut flowers have special flowering liquid.