How to fertilize flowers correctly and what are the taboos of fertilizing flowers?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to fertilize flowers correctly and what are the taboos of fertilizing flowers?

The cultivation of flowers requires fertilization, and fertilization is also fastidious. The amount of fertilization is proportional to the exuberant degree of flower growth, so that flowers can grow healthily and produce beautiful flowers. How to apply fertilizer correctly? What are the taboos of fertilizing flowers?

1. Fertilize newly planted plants

The root system of the newly planted plant has many wounds, and if it is stimulated by the outside world, the wound is not easy to heal, which will cause rotten roots and even lead to plant death.

Second, fertilize the sick and weak plants

Diseased plants have weak growth, poor photosynthesis, slow metabolism and low ability to absorb fertilizer, so it is easy to cause fertilizer damage if you apply fertilizer casually.

III. Fertilization at flowering stage

Fertilization in the flowering stage will promote the vegetative growth of the plant, which is easy to cause overgrowth, resulting in bud drop and flower drop.

IV. Fertilization during dormant period

Flowers stop or slow down their growth during the dormancy period. If fertilizer is applied, it will break the dormancy, promote the plant to continue to grow and affect the flowering in the coming year.

5. Fertilization under roots

When planting flowers, the root system of the plant should not be placed directly on the base fertilizer, but a layer of soil should be added to the fertilizer, otherwise it is not only not conducive to the full absorption and utilization of fertilizer, but also easy to damage the root system. In addition, topdressing should be based on the growth of the plant, and the hole should be applied at the appropriate place from the root to facilitate the absorption of the root system.

VI. Applying raw fertilizer

The application of insufficiently mature organic fertilizer to flowers is not only easy to spread diseases and insect pests, but also can ferment and heat the plant roots in the process of ripening.

7. Apply thick fertilizer

To fertilize flowers, we must strictly control the amount of fertilizer application, avoid excessive concentration or dosage, otherwise it will cause plant root system, serious death, generally should be "thin fertilizer frequently applied".