How to control the florescence of flowers and plants?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to control the florescence of flowers and plants?

The flowering period of flowers is very short, so let's share it with you today.

How to control the florescence of flowers and plants:

Sometimes, many people want their cultivated flowers to blossom as soon as possible, but they often do not know more about planting flowers, so that they can only watch and enjoy flowers in their normal period. In fact, in addition to normal growth conditions, we can also carry out abnormal cultivation of flowers and plants through physical and chemical methods, so that they can blossom in advance, delay or continuous flowering.

1. Warming method-early flowering

Proper temperature control for flowers and plants can effectively make flowers and plants blossom in advance, such as in autumn harvest season, when sowing flower daisies and pansy, under the climatic condition of 5 ℃ in winter, after flower bud differentiation, the temperature above 15 ℃ can blossom quickly in winter, if it does not survive the winter in the greenhouse, it will generally bloom in March-April.

two。 Warming method-prolonging florescence

Some flowers and plants bloom in high temperatures in summer, but stop blooming as soon as the temperature drops in autumn. if you can maintain the temperature needed to bloom, you can prolong the flowering period, such as Milan and Magnolia. If the temperature can be kept at about 24 degrees in September, it will bloom during the National Day next month.

3. Cooling method-postponing flowering

For some flowers that bloom in spring, they need to be dormant for a period of time in the low temperature environment in winter, and then blossom in the spring of the following year. If flowers are treated with low temperature in spring to prolong their dormancy period to postpone their flowering period, for example, spring cuckoo varieties, which are kept indoors at about 10 degrees in winter, blossom in about mid-April and about 5-8 degrees in winter. If you put it at about 13-16 degrees in April and add some shielding measures, it will bloom in May. If the temperature rises again in spring, put it indoors at about 0-2 degrees, and gradually increase the temperature in September, and the environment is cool and ventilated, it will blossom in October. Such as budding chrysanthemum, magnolia, camellia, lotus, eight immortal flowers can be delayed flowering treatment.

4. Chemical control method

Chemical control method is mainly through the dormancy of different flowers, speed up the growth and development of flowers and plants, advance or delay the flowering period of flowers. Such as hyacinth, 1000-2000 mg / kg ethephon can be used to irrigate the soil, which can promote flower flowering. Ethephon belongs to a plant growth regulator, which can promote fruit ripening and regulate plant sex transformation.

5. Water quantity control method

We can also control flowering by watering flowers. Some flowers will blossom soon if they stop watering properly after they grow into plants, and the water supply of plants should be reduced after flowering, otherwise the excess water will be converted into vegetative growth after flowering. No longer bloom.