[141] SDGsXPBL observation of 2021KIST Summit: how schools view SDGs

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, [141] SDGsXPBL observation of 2021KIST Summit: how schools view SDGs


The author has the honor to attend the KIST Summit in the second year, as well as the elective course of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), this time extending and linking the thematic PBL. Since it is not the first time for the author to discuss and link to SDGs topics with KIST partners, the author plans to review SDGs in the first paragraph, but ask you two questions at the same time. The first question is, what do you think is the importance of SDGs to students? The second question is, do you have any questions about SDGs? And take the school as a unit, focus and consensus on two issues, and let the schools put forward their views and ideas after focusing. the main participating partner schools think that the key and important place for students is to know the local, the whole person, to see themselves, to connect with the international, responsible, community, pluralistic, action, life, and so on. It is roughly similar to KIST's emphasis on seven qualities: enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, gratitude, self-control, perseverance and social wisdom. In addition, the questions raised by partner schools for SDGs are generally related to how to integrate them with the curriculum. How to evaluate it? How to integrate with the school development and other topics, through this dialogue, the author realized that SDGs for the school fell into a kind of TO BE OR TO HAVE confusion, at that time also led the school to think, how to treat SDGs? Is it used as teaching material? Emphasize its educational connotation? And the author is also aware that there is pressure and tension when people look at SDGs, which leads to a bit of hand-binding and foot-binding thinking. I encourage schools to return to the development of school education, especially when schools ask how to evaluate students in SDGs learning evaluation. I encourage schools to return to the root, that is, student images, to speak more clearly.