Fan protest "fishermen in Taizi Hong Kong are accused of organizing crimes, and the fishermen are not convinced that they have made a mistake. Ring regiment: people with good intentions deliberately mislead the investigation office.

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Fan protest "fishermen in Taizi Hong Kong are accused of organizing crimes, and the fishermen are not convinced that they have made a mistake. Ring regiment: people with good intentions deliberately mislead the investigation office.


In the early morning of February 1, prosecutors sparked controversy over the large-scale arrest of fishermen along the coast of Yunlin. The Yunlin Land Prosecutor's Office issued a press release on February 2, saying that "some fishermen's groups have dropped fishing nets to destroy the warning coordinates of offshore wind power projects, and called on the fleet to launch a struggle at sea." privately demand special compensation, suspected of coercion, fraud and other crimes. " The whole case is not investigated in the direction of "organized crime". (for background reading, please click here)

"upstream and downstream" interviewed Dade Wind Power Company, the protest fishermen, the fishing association and the Energy Bureau, and found that the case was extremely controversial. The draft statement of Dade Company pointed out that the original report was because "some fishermen falsely reported compensation without going out to sea, and the fishing association (Yunlin District fishing Association) asked for unfair compensation." The Fisheries Association maintains that some fishermen declared compensation for fishing gear without going out to sea, but firmly denied that they had asked Dade to "report the case" to deal with it, saying that Dade was "imagining it out of thin air."

The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which has been involved in negotiations between fishermen and wind turbine operators, believes that the prosecution should investigate the "part of misrepresentation and misrepresentation of losses" and should have nothing to do with the outcome of the settlement. Paradoxically, after the prosecution detained the fishermen, Dade issued a statement saying: "the company cherishes the results of the negotiations and expresses its gratitude to the Energy Bureau and fishermen's organizations that assisted in the mediation." but at the same time, it reported the fishermen's groups and was investigated by the prosecution.

Li Pingshun, chairman of the Yunlin County Coastal Operation and fishing vessel Association, a group composed of protesting fishermen, pointed out that maritime fishing disputes are civil compensation for enterprises and fishermen, and it was only after the protest action that fishermen set up independent relief groups. however, the prosecution is moving toward the investigation of "organized crime," which he cannot agree with.

Generally speaking, the origin of this case is aimed at a small number of fishermen who did not go to sea but falsely reported their claims, but why did they evolve into large-scale investigations and independent relief of fishermen? The views of the four sides are completely different, just like Luoshengmen. In response, the Environmental Rights Protection Foundation, which helps fishermen fight for their rights and interests and participates in coordination throughout the process, alleges that certain people deliberately mislead the investigation and threaten the fishermen with public power.

Li Pingshun stressed that on July 20, Dade commissioned contractor Honghua Construction to send personnel to negotiate compensation and at the same time asked to resume work, but the coordination broke down, and then the submarine cable construction ship resumed work without authorization, and there was a dispute with the fishermen. On August 4, at the negotiation site of the county government, there was an incident in which fishermen in black clothes searched for certificates from fishermen with knives and weapons. On August 13, fishermen went north to the Legislative Yuan to hold a press conference, prompting Zeng Wensheng, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, to go south for coordination. He believes that the whole process is public and there is no private "claim for special compensation".

Li Pingshun stressed that the fishing association could not represent the views of all fishermen, so fishermen had to set up their own groups to defend their waters and livelihoods. However, the maritime dispute in June was the act of individual fishermen. at that time, the association had not yet been established, and Dade reported the case to the police in order to find individual fishermen who had falsely reported damage, which he thought was reasonable and had no objection.

However, the prosecution and investigation unit directed the investigation toward the "compulsory crime" of maritime disputes and the "crime of fraud" of negotiating compensation, and directed the Yunlin County Coastal Operation fishing vessel Association to involve "organized crime." Li Pingshun believes that this is "the wrong object." It is because at the time of the maritime dispute in June, no fishermen's group was set up at all, but now the prosecution has deliberately directed the fishermen's group to be involved in organized crime, which he firmly cannot agree with.