High temperature sterilization pot for edible fungi

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, High temperature sterilization pot for edible fungi

Mention the high-temperature sterilization pot may be relatively strange to many people, do not know why to use this sounds like nothing to do with food, but what people do not know is that it is precisely the necessary equipment for the food processing industry. The choice of high-quality stainless steel material, in strict accordance with the national pressure vessel manufacturing standards for processing and manufacturing, food sterilizer products have a standardized quality management system layer by layer, before the equipment is put on the market, it has to go through strict testing, the majority of customers can rest assured to use.

The high-temperature sterilization pot for food is to directly inject steam to raise the water in the hot water tank to a predetermined temperature, and then inject the process water into the process pot, at the same time, the process water in the pot is continuously recycled, and the water is heated and sterilized through a water-vapor mixer. As a result, the sterilization time is shortened and the work efficiency is improved. The sterilized process water can be recycled, which saves energy, time, manpower and material consumption, and reduces the production cost.

Select considerations:

High-temperature and high-pressure sterilizer is mainly selected from the accuracy of temperature control and the uniformity of heat distribution. If the temperature of the product is very strict, especially for export products, because the heat distribution is very uniform, the computer automatic sterilizer should be selected as far as possible. The temperature control and pressure control of the computer semi-automatic sterilizer are the same as those of the computer, but the price is the same as that of the computer. General requirements can choose electric semi-automatic sterilization pot. Manual sterilization pot is difficult to sterilize, mild and pressure control is done manually, the appearance of food is difficult to master, rising cans (bags) and high fragmentation rate.