How to raise orchids in winter?

Published: 2024-05-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/28, How to raise orchids in winter?

The management of orchids in winter is more important, if orchids are not raised well in winter, it will affect the growth of orchids. Here's how to raise orchids in winter.

Strengthening the management of orchids in winter is related to the luxuriant growth and flowering of orchids in the coming year. In order to maintain orchids in winter, different management methods must be adopted according to different varieties and characteristics of orchids.

Enter the room to keep warm into winter, the orchids placed outdoors must be moved into the place where the indoor sunlight can shine, and the room temperature should be controlled at 5: 15 ℃. The winter room temperature of Hanlan and Mulan should be slightly higher, but it should not exceed 15 ℃. For the hardy Cymbidium, a low temperature of about 3-4 weeks and 0 ℃ is needed to complete the vernalization stage, and the overwintering room temperature should be controlled at 3-8 ℃.

The principle of "not dry in summer and autumn and not wet in winter and spring" should be grasped in order to control watering orchids. Orchids enter the dormant period in winter, usually watering once every 7-15 days. It is better to use natural water and snowmelt water. If tap water is used, it should be kept for 24 hours. Water from the edge of the basin so that the water gradually flows into the root of the flower until it is wet.

Fertilizer control Zengguang orchid hibernation generally does not need fertilization, but spring orchid can be foliar spraying a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. After moving indoors, giving more light is beneficial to the orchid's robust growth and flowering next year, and can also ensure its overwintering. If the light is not enough, it can be supplemented by light.

Ventilated orchids like to be warm, and need ventilation. Should choose in the sunny and warm weather around noon to open the window ventilation, can also be the end of the orchid basin to the outdoor leeward to the sunny place to breathe.