Common sense of fertilization for domestic orchids

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Common sense of fertilization for domestic orchids

In flowers, orchid planting is still common, today we will take a look at how home orchids are fertilized.

1. Fertilizer application for orchids should be as little as possible. Orchid growth is relatively slow, so orchid fertilization as far as possible thinner, less, about ten days to apply fertilizer, using the "thin fertilizer frequently" method.

2. Pay attention to the weather and temperature when applying fertilizer to orchids. Orchid fertilization in fine weather, cloudy and rainy days do not apply fertilizer, there is orchid fertilization when the temperature is appropriate, high temperature and cold do not apply fertilizer.

3. The fertilization of orchids depends on the leaves of orchids. The bright surface of the orchid leaves shows that the orchids are not short of fertilizer, and the dull orchid leaves mean that the orchids need to be fertilized.

4. Orchids can be fertilized properly when turning over the soil and changing pots. When the orchid turns the soil to fertilize, pay attention to the fertilizer not to touch the root of the orchid, so it is easy to burn out the root of the orchid.

So much for sharing with you. I hope you can apply fertilizer scientifically.