How to prevent and control diseases and insect pests in flowering period of Cymbidium grandiflorum

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to prevent and control diseases and insect pests in flowering period of Cymbidium grandiflorum

Jian Lan is a kind of orchid, which has horticultural and medicinal value. There will be a lot of diseases and insect pests in the florescence of Jian Lan.

The diseases and insect pests of Cymbidium include anthracnose, black spot and shell insects. The diseases were sprayed with 500x of carbendazim wettable powder and the pests were sprayed with 1500 times of omethoate EC. How to control diseases and insect pests in flowering period of Jianlan? The details are as follows:

Yangchun March, beautiful spring, flowers contend for Yan, orchid nursery a school of vitality: the orchid scape has grown more than 20 centimeters, the flowers are budding, however, the good times do not come, the good flowers are difficult to bloom, and the buds gradually shrink. It is not known that it has been infected with pests until it is cut open, and it is already covered with heart worms. In this regard, to take the following governance methods.

① will turn the orchid pot over, rinse the orchid root with tap water, especially re-wash the inner wall of the leaf bank around the Reed head; scrape off the dirt, soak it in 300x solution and carbendazim for 30 minutes (above the Reed head), then dry it in the shade.

Before re-potting the ② plant, the plant material and orchid pot must be disinfected at high temperature, and the infected leaves, withered heads and diseased roots should be cut off. After the orchid plant is put on the pot, the plant should be sprayed to eliminate diseases and insect pests. Litchi chlorpromazine, propofol, methyl topiramate and carbendazim were sprayed 500 times, and then every 10 days, 3 times in a row. When spraying, the bottom of the leaf should be sprayed evenly, especially the pseudo-bulb.

③ chooses a place to put it. Select the orchid field location. Orchid pots receive direct sunlight before 08:30 (summer), transfer to the shade after 9 o'clock to bask in the "flower sun", and put in the shade after 12:00. At this time, before and after the left and right sides should be ventilated, the ground water reflux, increase humidity; then the breeze slowly, cool breeze, it is very beneficial to the growth of orchids.

Sure enough, the effort lived up to the dedicated man, only a month later, this pot of orchids came back to life, but also appeared a flower bud.