Dacheng wetlands are Taiwan's treasures. The ring delegation called on the ruling party to fulfill its promise to build world-class wetlands and not to allow photoelectricity to swallow them.

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Dacheng wetlands are Taiwan's treasures. The ring delegation called on the ruling party to fulfill its promise to build world-class wetlands and not to allow photoelectricity to swallow them.

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The heavyweight wetlands visited by Tsai ing-wen, Ma Ying-jeou and Annette Lu have been coveted by optoelectronic manufacturers. Today is International Wetlands Day, and the Changhua Environmental Protection Alliance went northward to hold a press conference to protest against the withdrawal of Guoguang Petrochemical Corporation for ten years. Dacheng wetland not only failed to be designated as a national wetland, but the DPP government also allowed optoelectronic manufacturers to submit cases for development.

Participants, including DPP legislators Hong Shenhan, Changhua Ring League, and Taiwan's Matsu Fish Conservation Alliance, called on the fully ruling DPP to honor its promise to build the Changhua coast into world-class national wetlands as soon as possible, so as to put an end to the development and pollution of precious natural and cultural resources. (background reading: the coast of Changhua national treasure is facing a photoelectric crisis, and the regiment calls for the rapid planning of national wetlands.)

The Changhua Ring League and other non-governmental organizations jointly held a press conference to call on the Dacheng wetland to be designated as a national wetland. (photo / Yang Yuyun) the Advisory Committee said that it was the National Wetland Construction Agency, but it didn't count?

The Changhua Ring League posted two minutes of the Construction Department's meeting at the press conference, which showed that on December 17, 1998, the committee members had decided: "Zhuoshui Xikou Wetland, Changhua Dacheng Wetland and Changhua Hanbao Wetland are rated as world-class coastal wetlands." In addition, the minutes of the meeting of the National important Wetlands Advisory Group on September 11, 101 also clearly listed Shangkai Wetland as "at least national grade".

Shih Yueying said that after two review meetings, the Changhua Huanming League, as a referral unit, never received any documents from the Construction Department of the Ministry of the Interior telling them that the above resolution "does not count." when the optoelectronic industry wanted to occupy the wetlands, the Huanming League thought that there was no need to worry about the protection of "national wetlands," so the Ministry of the Interior replied that "there was no local consensus," so it was never delimited. Shi Yueying asked, "whether or not wetlands are designated depends on the conclusion of the censors." Or the self-determination of civil servants? "

She also mentioned that if "there is no local consensus" is the reason why Beimen Wetland, Ilan 52 A Wetland and Qigu Yantian Wetland are still designated as national wetlands amid so many protests.

When will the DPP fulfill its promise when it is in full power?

Wu Huijun, director of the Environmental Alliance, recalled that when Su Tseng-chang visited the Dacheng wetland in 2011, he openly said, "if you destroy the Dacheng wetland, there will be no white dolphins, and white dolphins will not turn." He says that he has protected Wuku Wetland during his tenure as head of Taipei County, so he knows the importance of wetlands. The Dacheng Wetland is rich in the best young oysters and mullet, which everyone needs to cherish.

Su Tseng-chang even mentioned that if the DPP returns to power, it will never destroy the big city wetlands. But now that the DPP is in full power, when will it fulfill its promise?

Wu Huijun said that Tsai ing-wen and Su Tseng-chang have visited the Changhua coastline and both know the importance of the Dacheng wetlands. Now that they are fully in power, there is really no excuse for failing to keep their promises. I hope that the Dacheng wetlands will be designated as national or even international wetlands as soon as possible to protect this beautiful coast.