The ingenious use of vinegar in flower production

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, The ingenious use of vinegar in flower production

1. Cultivating flowers and watering the pot soil with appropriate amount of vinegar can promote the absorption of phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and prevent branch and leaf yellowing.

2. Spraying leaves and buds with about 40% vinegar solution can increase the accumulation of photosynthates, increase flowers, make leaves greener and flowers more bright.

3. Potted flowers with organic fertilizer will smell fishy indoors, which can be eliminated if proper amount of vinegar is poured into it.

It can also sterilize the soil.

4, cotton balls dipped in vinegar to wipe flowers and leaves, can make shell insects, red spiders, aphids and other unrest, and then sweep down to eliminate it.

5. Spraying alkaline drugs (stone-sulfur mixture, thiram, thiram, etc.) if drug damage occurs, spray an appropriate amount of vinegar solution on the branches and leaves to reduce the drug damage.

6, the preparation or application of alkaline drugs, wash hands with vinegar water, rinse utensils, can remove the remaining medicine, play the role of disinfection.