How to control the water in order to blossom and burst the pot of triangular plum?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to control the water in order to blossom and burst the pot of triangular plum?

As we all know, for flowering plants, it is generally necessary to take timely water control treatment before flowering, so that plants can accelerate the formation and differentiation of flower buds, give birth to mature buds, and finally bloom smoothly as scheduled.

Triangular plum is a typical flower plant that needs to control water in time before flowering, but many problems such as why, how and to what extent it should control water are perplexing many potted friends. Today, the editor will share the knowledge for you.

First of all, we need to figure out why we need to control the water for the triangular plum. Because the flowering of triangular plum is related to many specific needs or conditions, for example, the temperature should not be lower than 13 °C, it is appropriate to keep it at 15 °C, and if it is necessary to provide sufficient light to ensure 6 hours of light every day, and so on.

Water control needs to be considered according to the plant size and growth status of Prunus mume. On the other hand, it usually takes about one month to control the water, so it is appropriate to control the water continuously and continuously so that the leaves of the plant are slightly wilted and drooped. Water control is to make the triangulated plum smooth transition from normal vegetative growth to reproductive growth and accelerate the formation and differentiation of flower buds.

After the water control is over, we still need to restore the water supply for the plant in time, otherwise even if the flower bud is formed and the flower bud is conceived, it is not enough to make it bloom smoothly. It may also cause flowers to wither and fall ahead of time, thus shortening the flowering period, which we do not want to see.

If all other conditions are met, when the triangular plum does not blossom for a long time, we need to carry out continuous water control treatment for it in time. It also requires continuous water control for at least 3 weeks, and part of the time. When the leaves are slightly wilted and then watered, the plant leaves will return to normal, and then continue to control the water the next day, so the cycle continues.

Our purpose of controlling water is to control the growth of branches and leaves. No matter how stout the branches are and how thick the leaves are, it is futile if they do not blossom. By controlling the water to return the nutrition to the branches, the flower buds will differentiate when the branches age. Of course, water control is only one of the most important conditions to promote flower bud differentiation, and light water control is not good without fertilization.

At ordinary times, when we are conserving triangular plum, we suggest that we evenly sprinkle some slow-release fertilizer in the basin, and then dilute the plant with potassium dihydrogen phosphate with water for 1-2 times during the water control period. at the same time, we can also spray some potassium dihydrogen phosphate as a supplement. Only in this way can we promote the differentiation of flower buds and make the plants blossom and burst.