Who says strawberries must have a lot of pesticides? The technology of farmers in Miaoli has made a great leap forward, strawberries have higher yield and quality by reducing drugs.

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Who says strawberries must have a lot of pesticides? The technology of farmers in Miaoli has made a great leap forward, strawberries have higher yield and quality by reducing drugs.


Strawberry is not only an important cash crop in Miaoli, but also the protagonist of the local tourism and leisure industry, supporting 1.8 billion business opportunities every year. However, strawberries are spoiled and have always been the "disaster victims" of medication, but the threshold for organic strawberries is too high for ordinary farmers to accept. Can strawberries only be associated with pesticides?.

No, no, no! In fact, habitual strawberries can also embark on the smooth road of non-toxic drug reduction. Whether it is building a rain shelter when raising seedlings, adopting IPM integrated management, or switching to microbial control, experts have developed many effective methods, which not only take care of the health of farmers, but also do not sacrifice the quality and output of strawberries. Many farmers in Miaoli have personally demonstrated that strawberries can reduce medicine and feel more at ease!

Farmer Wu Shengbao added Bacillus subtilis to reduce the use of strawberries, making them bigger and more delicious (Photo / Cai Jiashan) to build a rain shelter for strawberry seedlings to root out germs from the seedling stage.

Strawberry is a key crop in the biological control branch of the Miaoli Agricultural Reform Farm. Zhong Xizhe, director of the branch, points out that there are about 500 hectares of strawberry orchards in the country, and if it is estimated on the basis of 5000 strawberry seedlings per cent, 25.3 million strawberry seedlings are needed every year. There is no professional strawberry nursery farm in China, so most of the seedlings are farmers.

Strawberry seedling period is as long as 6 months (April to September every year), and it is extremely vulnerable to fungal diseases such as anthrax. Due to the use of sprinkler irrigation during seedling breeding, spores are easy to spread with the splashing of water droplets, which promotes the transmission rate of latent mycosis. In the past, farmers used to use drugs such as Klee or Van Ke Ke, and they used the medicine every three days on average, which was not only costly, but also harmful to health.

After years of research on seedling transformation, it is considered that strawberry seedlings need to change the previous open-air seedling raising and sprinkler irrigation water supply mode in order to reduce the chance of Rain Water or sprinkler irrigation splashing pathogenic spores. Zhong Jianzhe said that in addition to changing the seedlings to rain shelter facilities, the use of non-woven drip belt for individual water supply, so that even if several plants are sick, the germs will not spread significantly.

Farmer Fan Yunda switched to the water supply method suggested by Miao to change the farm last year, and covered the strawberry seedlings with a rain shelter, which achieved amazing results. "it's so bad. I only have about 1/5 of my pesticide left." Fan Yunda said that there is no income during the nursery period, and it is important to be frugal in any cost. The new method not only saves him NT $40,000 to NT $50,000 in pesticide costs, but also increases the breeding rate. "in the past, about 30% of the seedlings would die if they were recommended to use a bunch of pesticides, but now 90% of the strawberry seedlings are healthy, which is really too bad." He gave a torrent of praise.