What are the decorations of bonsai flowers in the family?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, What are the decorations of bonsai flowers in the family?

Family flower bonsai how to green layout is a subject of knowledge, here we introduce in detail.

1. The foyer is a relatively spacious space. Generally speaking, the green decoration takes a slightly larger evergreen flower irrigation bonsai as the main body, which appears luxurious and luxurious. If you put pine and red plum, cinnamon, pyracantha, pedicel begonia, pomegranate and so on according to the season, it will bring seasonal flavor to the foyer and make visitors feel relaxed and warm.

2. The living room is a resting place with beautiful scenery, which gives people a comfortable and comfortable impression. Here often put some seasonal flowering pots cut woody flowers, such as peonies, camellias, lotus flowers, evergreen rhododendrons, leaf flowers, etc., become the skeleton of the green living room. Worry about the beautiful shape of the plant, so that the space appears elegant and natural.

3. The restaurant is the most cordial and lively living space in the family, but the area is not large. Put 1 Mel 2 pots of fashionable small potted flowers and trees on the partition or dining cabinet. Such as Belgian rhododendron, eight immortal flowers, English plum, red mat, etc., so that the restaurant is full of warm, romantic atmosphere, with a good environment, must bring a good stomach.

4. The bedroom is the place where there are few bonsai flowers. If you can cleverly display 1Mel 2 pots of miniature potted flowers, such as Luohansong, June snow, cinnabar root, etc., it can give people a soft and comfortable feeling.

The balcony is a green world full of fun. In the warm closed balcony in spring, potted plum blossoms, green peaches, Belgian rhododendrons, camellias, primroses, roses, etc., compete to open and bustle. As long as sunshade and ventilation are done in summer, magnolia, Riley, Fusang, dragon boat flower, pomegranate and so on will blossom constantly. The balcony of autumn, the temperature is suitable, many kinds of flowers and trees bloom again brilliant matchless, is the place that makes a person moved, let a person intoxicated. The balcony in winter is packed with good flowers all year round, especially potted flowers, such as wax plum, plum, golden scented tea, etc., the flowers have bloomed and become more attractive.

6. The woody flowers in the courtyard play a leading role in the courtyard, and they are also the backbone plants that highlight the seasonal changes. Such as Bitao, Tripterygium, Xifu Begonia, Magnolia, Primrose, tulip honeysuckle, bauhinia, wisteria, etc.; in summer, there are mulberry, oleander, dragon boat flower, gardenia, crape myrtle, pomegranate flower and so on. There are cinnamon, purple pearl, hibiscus, southern bamboo in autumn, plum blossom, wax plum, camellia and so on in winter, making the courtyard full of vitality and vitality, showing a unique landscape effect.

7. The study, why are we introduced separately here. Because the study is a place for learning and even doing homework. No matter big or small, it should be arranged quietly and elegantly, so that people can study and work comfortably in a fresh environment.

Flowers and plants are placed in the study to carry out greening, which can increase the interest of life, reduce the dryness of reading, please people's vision, and edify sentiment. After reading, watching-potted plants, bonsai or flower arrangement in the lower room can relax the mood, relieve fatigue, purify the state of mind, enlighten the mind, look at the orchid may remind people of nobility, gaze at the peony may remind people of prosperity, watching the pine and cypress may remind people of vigor. Scientific research shows that people working in the space where flowers are in full bloom will reduce the pressure and stimulate their creation.

In short, a few lush flowers in the study will add some elegance and freshness to your study, show your accomplishment and heritage, and improve your cultural taste.

Expert comments: the plant decoration of the study should be based on foliage plants, and the selection of materials should not be much, which appears to be messy and bloated. It is best not to use red flowers so as not to disturb the mood of study or writing. Moreover, in the layout should be in line with the principle of few but fine, through a small part to see the overall principle, through the organic integration of furniture furnishings and flower decoration colors, so that classical and modern style are inclusive, coordinated and unified-to create a quiet and elegant study.

Expert advice: the plant configuration of large and small study.

If the study is relatively narrow, it is not appropriate to choose a variety that is too large, so as to avoid the feeling of crowding and depression, you can use "dotted decoration" when arranging, that is, exquisite and small vases are placed in the appropriate place, which can have the effect of embellishment and strengthening. If the study area is wider, you can choose larger varieties, such as: half-height floor porcelain vase, meticulous configuration of several stained glass vases, can add an elegant and peaceful atmosphere for the study.

Raising some lush plants in the family is not only pleasing to the eye, but also can create a "natural oxygen bar" for the bedroom. But you know what? The placement of plants has something to do with the location of the room. In addition to the above introduction of a few aspects, we might as well divide the room into 7 locations, put the most suitable plants.

Porch, window: suitable for water-raised plants or tall-stemmed plants, such as water-raised rich bamboo, evergreen, rich trees, or tall iron trees, money banyan and so on. Because these places are generally windy, the air fluidity is relatively large, raise some tall plants or aquatic plants, help to maintain the humidity and temperature balance of the room.

Dresser, desk: the leaves of Guanye orchid will cycle with the change of temperature, green, white, pink, peach, and then change back to green, placed next to the master's desk, can take care of temperament. In addition, metasequoia, bluegrass and other ornamental plants are also suitable for here.

Channel: it is best to hang some vines of aquatic plants, such as green pineapple, green elves, ivy and so on, these plants are relatively easy to shape, and the channel is generally very ventilated, is their best growth environment.

Toilet: the leaves of Tiger tail Orchid can absorb water vapor in the air, which is an ideal choice for bathrooms and bathrooms. Ivy can purify the air, kill bacteria, and is a shade-tolerant plant. It can also be placed in the bathroom. Ferns, pepper grass plants like wet, might as well put in the bathtub side.

Kitchen: orchid and green pineapple have strong effect of purifying air and repelling mosquitoes. They are the only choice in the kitchen, and they can also be placed on the refrigerator.

In addition, different floors are also suitable for growing different plants. For low-floor residents, it is best to raise orchids, azaleas, asparagus, hanging orchids, camellias and other shade-tolerant plants. Residents with higher floors are more suitable to raise sunny plants, such as triangular plum, sweet-scented osmanthus, Michelia mollissima, gardenia, jasmine, Milan, cactus, cactus, dragon boat flower, colorful leaf and so on. For these plants, it is best to face southeast when placing flowerpots, because the time of direct sunlight is the most suitable.