Smart Agriculture Program R & D has become a farmer shoulder neck no longer top buckle

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, (Taiwan TB News Network/Reporter Chen Mingzong) In order to reduce the physical burden and fatigue of farmers during farming, improve work efficiency and improve the quality of life after work, the Agricultural Council of the Executive Yuan has subsidized Associate Professor Lin Weizhi of National Sun Yat-sen University to develop "Agricultural Wearable Labor Saving...

Intelligent agriculture plan research and development of mature farmers no longer wear QQ on their shoulders and necks

(Taiwan TB News Network / reporter Chen Mingzong) in order to reduce the physical burden and fatigue of farmers, improve work efficiency and improve the quality of life after work, the Committee of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan subsidized Associate Professor Lin Weizhi of National Sun Yat-sen University to develop "agricultural wearable labor-saving machines and tools". The R & D results are brilliant, and the technology transfer press conference was held on the 21st, with a view to the development and improvement of labor-saving agricultural machinery and tools. Let farmers reduce the discomfort and pain of shoulder, neck and back caused by raising their arms for a long time in agricultural work, and reduce the risk of occupational injury.

The Council of Agriculture said that according to statistics, 93% of the occupational injuries of farmers are caused by skeletal and muscle injuries caused by overuse of physical strength, and the injured parts occur in the wrist, followed by the shoulder, which is the main cause of shoulder injuries. it is mainly caused by long and repetitive hand raising movements. In response to the aging of the agricultural working population and the improvement of agricultural labor safety awareness, the "agricultural wearable labor-saving machinery" developed by Associate Professor Lin Weizhi can provide auxiliary support for farmers' upper limbs and arms while working. Reduce the physical load of agricultural personnel during harvesting and handling, and the measurement data of the instrument also show that it has an obvious labor-saving effect.

Taking the small fruit tomato bud picking work of female farmers as an example, the EMG instrument measurement results show that before and after the use of labor-saving machines, muscle strength consumption can be reduced by 66%, while male farmers can save 48% of muscle strength loss when they carry out Wendan spray work.

The Council of Agriculture pointed out that the arms have been raised all the time at work, and the arms are so sore. We have heard the aspirations of farmers, and agricultural labor-saving machines and tools have become the application and development trend of international agriculture in the future. Xin Farmers' Enterprises will also speed up the commercialization work after signing a contract with Sun Yat-sen University. It is expected that mass production will be listed in the first quarter of 2010, and the Council of Agriculture will also apply for guidance to be included in agricultural machinery subsidies. We hope to cooperate with the industry through the research and development of agricultural science and technology to create a more high-quality and friendly agricultural environment.

The Council of Agriculture stressed that this wearable labor-saving machine does not use the traditional motor power mode, so there is no need for charging and maintenance, and users do not need to carry batteries and motors, bearing additional weight and physical exertion. The machine body is also specially made of high-strength and light carbon fiber material, so that the total weight is less than 2 kilograms, reducing farmers' sense of weight after wearing, and the use of highly breathable straps. Improve air permeability and comfort after wearing.

In 109, the Council of Agriculture has produced 80 sets of agricultural reform farms throughout Taiwan, in addition to providing trial use for farmers, it has also conducted working tests and nearly 50 application seminars on grape, jujube, Wendan, small fruit tomato, balsam pear, pineapple, banana, papaya and other fruit trees with agricultural improvement farms, local-and financial corporation agricultural science and technology research institutes in Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taitung. And check out the most suitable for scaffolding crops.

The research and development of agricultural wearable labor-saving machines and tools are eye-catching, and the products are officially unveiled to the public.