How to quickly control flower diseases and insect pests

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to quickly control flower diseases and insect pests

What do we do when our flowers have diseases and insect pests? Don't worry, we can adopt self-made pesticides, the production method is very simple, the cost is very low, the key is environmental protection and safety, and can achieve good results.

1 garlic juice

Take 250 grams of purple garlic, soak in water for a while, mash and take out the juice, dilute it with water for 10 to 20 times, then spray, which can control pests such as aphids, red spiders and shell insects, as well as powdery mildew and gray mold. Pouring this liquid into the basin soil can control nematodes, earthworms and so on.

2. Hot pepper boiled water

Take 50 grams of red dried pepper, add 1000 grams of water and boil for a quarter of an hour. After filtration, the supernatant is sprayed to control white whitefly, aphids, red spiders, bugs and other pests.

(3) soaking tobacco leaves in water

Take 50 grams of tobacco (if you need to double it with tobacco stalks or cigarettes), add 1500 grams of water, soak for one day and night, rub repeatedly with your hands, filter, and then spray 0.1% Mel 0.2% neutral detergent to control aphids, red spiders, leafhoppers, whiteflies, thrips, bugs, leaf rollers and other leaf-eating pests.

4 boiled water from Artemisia annua L.

Take 500g of Artemisia annua, add 2500 g-4000 g of water to boil for half an hour, filter and irrigate to control ground tigers and other underground pests and control blight at the same time. Artemisia annua boiled water 10 times liquid, can control aphids, red spiders and soft pests and so on.

5 tea seed cake

Mash the tea seed cake, soak it in a small amount of hot water for one day and night, remove the dregs and spray it with water 30-40 times, which can control aphids, planthoppers, snails and other pests. Spraying with 40 times liquid also has a good effect on the prevention and control of rust. In addition, green onion, leek, ginger, onion, prickly ash, peach leaf, castor seed, ginkgo leaf, plantain, mandala, etc. chopped and mashed, soaked and filtered several times with water, sprayed or applied to the soil can control a variety of common pests.

6 soapy water

Take general soapy water or use the remaining soap to break the head of thin slices, with hot hydration, according to 1:60 proportion to add water, cooling after spraying, can control aphids, red spiders. If you soak cigarette butts in soapy water (except soot), it can not only improve the effect of controlling aphids and red spiders, but also control thrips, whitefly and leafhoppers. But soapy water can not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause basin soil alkalization.

7 washing powder

It has a strong contact effect on insect pests. The detergent solution can dissolve the waxy layer on the surface of the insect and seep into the insect, blocking the stomata on the surface of the insect and suffocating it to death. Usage is: 200-300 times liquid can control leafhopper. 600-800 times can control red spiders, aphids and ostracods. Should choose neutral detergent to use.

8 prickly ash powder and vinegar

Take 100 grams of pepper and add 3 kilograms of water to boil. Spray after cooling can control shell insects.

Spray bottled vinegar on water 5-6 times, once every 3 days, to control shell insects.