How to choose delicious guava? Why won't the incision turn black? Ten things to see how familiar you are with guava?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How to choose delicious guava? Why won't the incision turn black? Ten things to see how familiar you are with guava?


Guava is the best in winter! Guava is a fruit with ultra-high CP. According to the Ministry of Health, every 100 grams of guava contains more dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and B2 than apples and kiwi fruits, and vitamin C content is more than twice that of kiwi fruits. Domestic guavas sold in the market are cheap and close to the people, and the budget of buying 10 kiwi fruits can buy guavas weighing more than 4 jin!

As a resident fruit shop, fruit juice shop and restaurant in Taiwan, guava haunts Taiwanese life all the year round. However, the relationship between Chinese and guavas can be described as "familiar strangers". Even people who often eat guavas may not really know guavas. Here are 10 questions to see if you are familiar with guavas.

On average, each person in Taiwan eats 17 guavas a year. Even if they go abroad, they can't forget the taste of guavas (Photography / Lin Yijun) Q1: guavas feel very local. What other countries in the world eat guavas?

Guava is also known as guava, so it is a foreign immigrant. Native to South America and spread eastward through European navigation routes, it became popular in tropical Asia in the 17th century, when the Chinese named it guava because of its multi-seeded and exotic species.

Guavas are mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical countries, such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, tropical Africa, Central and South America and other countries. Taiwanese also teach Bangjiao countries to grow guavas, but people in temperate countries in the middle and high latitudes are less familiar with guavas.

Q2: how much do Taiwanese love guava?

Taiwanese love guava so much that even Taiwanese living as far away as Canada and the United States can't forget the good taste of Taiwanese guava. Taiwan's annual output of guavas is about 170000 metric tons. after deducting more than 4,000 metric tons of exports, Chinese people will eat more than 160000 metric tons of guavas each year, which translates to more than 400 million guavas per person per year.

The trading volume of guava in the domestic fruit and vegetable wholesale market is also among the top three, neck and neck with pineapples and watermelons. Taiwan exports nearly 4,000 metric tons of guavas a year, most of which are sold to Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and most of the guavas sold to Canada are sold in supermarkets with more Chinese. Most of the guavas on the shelves of Chinese supermarkets are bought by local Taiwanese, and they cannot be forgotten even if they go abroad, which shows how much Taiwanese love to eat guavas.

Q3: there is also a kind of guava in Thailand. Is it as delicious as Taiwan guava?

Xie Hongye, an associate researcher at the Fengshan Tropical Horticulture Research Institute of the Agricultural Experimental Institute, said that compared with other countries, Taiwanese guavas have a crispy, sweet and slightly sour taste, which is better than Thai guavas.

The key to such a difference lies in Taiwan's agricultural technology and variety improvement. At present, Southeast Asian countries and countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan have also introduced varieties of guava from Taiwan to grow. Consumers in Taiwan are more selective, farmers pay attention to production quality, while other countries pursue more output, so even if they are the same varieties, because the cultivation techniques are not in place, there is still a gap in quality between Taiwan and Taiwan.

There are many kinds of guavas. According to the materials of guavas theme museum, there are 16 kinds of guavas in China. Common varieties are pearl pull, emperor pull, fragrant pull, crystal pull, century guava, Zhencui and so on.

Q4: is guava really more nutritious than other fruits?

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the vitamin C content of guava per 100 grams is more than 2 times that of kiwi fruits and 66 times that of apples. Dietary fiber, vitamins B1 and B2 are also much better, making them a good fruit with low glycemic index. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, unlike litchi is easy to catch fire, oranges are cold, guava is a neutral fruit, eating will not be dry and will not cause body cold. Xie Hongye said that guava is one of the most common fruits with vitamin C and antioxidant powers. its price is close to the people, and people are encouraged to eat it more often.

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