Wubei Village after the iron window burst red, community new topic: to go sightseeing economy or live in the ground?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Wubei Village after the iron window burst red, community new topic: to go sightseeing economy or live in the ground?


Wang Wu is located in Kouhu Township in the southwest corner of Yunlin County. The place name originated from the rich traditional Chinese medicine, and Wubei Village is located on the north side of the settlement. As part of the Yunlin County government's plan to integrate the local creation of Kouhu Township, the county government launched the "heart of Kuowu town" cultural landscape renovation plan, but the village became popular because of the design of one of the plans, the "iron window".

After the popularity of the Internet, the community began to eagerly hope to take on this craze, but it also seemed to disrupt the life of this peaceful village. The influx of tourists creates a demand for services, but the village is not ready to meet so many tourists. The villagers hope to drive the economic benefits of the village, but the planning team that helps them believe that the popularity is just an unexpected interlude. What is more important is that the villagers regain their sense of local identity and look forward to a better life together in the community.

Among the villagers, Chen Shan, a local poet, used his home as a piece of paper for writing poems and expressing daily opinions. Also become the protagonist of the iron window story. (provided / Wubei Community) Wubei Village turned magnificently, and the residents' self-confidence exploded.

"in the past, the only news I saw was flooding, typhoon damage, and tragic rescue scenes." Wang Chunsheng, chairman of the Wubei Community Development Association, describes the gloom of Wang Wu's past. "outsiders may have walked in unexpectedly because they went the wrong way or got lost, and many people have never heard of him at all. Now it has become a popular scenic spot, online celebrities have photographed our village beautifully, and the villagers' self-confidence has increased significantly. "

Wang Chunsheng observed that the atmosphere in the village was obviously different and became willing to accept new things. "at three or 05:00 now, tourists will break into the village, looking for iron window. Some residents will keep an eye on tourists passing by. If they find someone who can't find a small Swift or iron window, they will rush out the door and enthusiastically guide the tourists."

In order to save the face of the village, the villagers began to spontaneously clean up the environment, and some even took the initiative to paint bright colors around their homes. Although there was some incongruity in comparison with the village environment, it still conveyed the villagers' willingness to affirm themselves. "after many villagers abroad saw the popularity of the village, they specially called back to praise, and the number of visits to their families in their hometown increased, making many left-behind villagers feel very proud." Wang Chunsheng said.

What is most moving is that some villagers who have been missing for many years have returned home. "once the whole group came to visit, and at the end of the conversation, I found that one of them was the sister of the people of the village, because the family knot of many years ago did not come back. Now it is really unexpected to bring the whole group back to see their hometown. " Wang Chunsheng said with emotion.

Wang Chunsheng, the community director of the whole process coordination transformation plan. (photography / Lin Jiyang) Village head: tourists come and go, but it's a pity that tourists leave with empty hands.

However, the village head Li Shangying also mentioned the shortcomings. "it is a pity to see the crowds coming and going, there is no place for the village to sit down, there is no beverage shop or coffee shop, and tourists leave with empty hands." In the face of the popularity of the crowd, he thought about how to take into account the economic development of the village.

So Wang Chunsheng, director of the community, decided to open a "Swift shop" to provide local agricultural products for tourists to visit and buy, which is now under intensive preparation.

"our specialty sweet potatoes and garlic are not processed, so they cannot be turned into companion gifts, and no one can guide them. it all depends on the enthusiastic service of the residents." Li Shangying hopes to drive the sales of local agricultural products, but he also knows that "the development of the whole village and the return of population still have a long way to go."

The worries of the village head are also the plight of the community after the popularity of the community. if the community is to provide tourist services and sales, the community simply does not have enough energy to undertake it. another problem is that this wave of people is driven entirely by the Internet, and when the fever goes down, how can the community go on?

After this wave of popularity, the village director and the community director intend to set up community shops to develop the tourism economy, but Wang Chunsheng also stressed: "including the planning team, there are suggestions that should be carefully considered, but the way for the community to develop the economy, even if you know you will lose money, you have to do it, or you will feel sorry to the villagers."

Li Shangying, the head of the young village, believes that the transformation plan has brought about an increase in villagers' self-confidence, but it is also a pity for tourists to leave empty-handed. (photography / Lin Jiyang) Design team: space transformation is for residents, not tourists

The person entrusted by the county government to transform Wubei Village is the Buffalo Design Tribe, a team from Tainan Tugou. The person in charge, Lu Yaozhong (Xiao Hei), has nearly 20 years of experience in social construction.

"I didn't expect the iron window to be so popular at all. Maybe netizens and the media like it very much, but the iron window is only less than 1/10 of the results of the whole case." Lu Yaozhong explains, "the main goal is to return to the needs of community life, and the improvement of living space in aging communities is followed by landscape beautification. Adding local stories to increase identity will lead to the design of iron windows." For the team, the space transformation service is aimed at local residents, not tourists.

Lu Yaozhong said frankly that the whole case mainly considered the needs of the elderly residents of the community, ranging from "improving barrier-free space" to "laying gutter covers", improving the temple steps and adding gentle slopes, and so on, all of which have not been seen by the outside world.

The planning team invited villagers to experience the improved barrier-free space. After the popularity of the Wubei community, will the community move towards a sightseeing economy or live on the ground?

Lu Yaozhong believes that community building is a public way to improve the living function and sense of identity of the village. At present, the unexpected demand for "industry" caused by the popularity of people, but the process of industrialization requires "professional competence" and "business model", which may not be the priority goal of the community now.

The popularity of the Wubei community has increased, and tourists have entered the daily life of the village, which actually brings interference. For example, Grandma in the Citrus shop was frequently asked by tourists for a group photo, and her warm greeting went from the beginning to the end.

Recently, even hospitable grandmothers began to reject tourists' photo requests, and even accidentally ate gifts from tourists and accidentally sent them to the hospital, which made the planning team very nervous for a time. "in fact, people in the village have no obligation to provide services to foreign tourists, and the original pace of life in the village has indeed been greatly disturbed." Lu Yaozhong thinks.