Taiwan onion tears! Supermarkets only sell imported onions, but domestic fresh onions can't be bought?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Taiwan onion tears! Supermarkets only sell imported onions, but domestic fresh onions can't be bought?


(by upstream and downstream reporters Lin Yijun and Yang Yuyun)

Domestic onions are in season, come and go to traditional markets and specific supermarkets to support farmers! During the onion harvest in central China, the low purchase price of the producing area made farmers cry. The land price of onions in Changhua was less than 10 yuan per kilogram, and the land price in Yunjia area did not improve, so farmers could only look at the onions and worry. However, when I walked into the supermarket, there was no local fresh onion, only a special price sign for imported onions.

Domestic onion wholesalers said that from last year to this year, the epidemic affected the whole world, and there was a reduction in the use of onions abroad, so they were sold at low prices and imported in large quantities, which led to the strange phenomenon that "domestic onions were not available in the current season."

The Dacheng Peasants' Association and the Shengang Peasants' Association said that consumers can call the farmers' associations directly to buy, but the freight may be more expensive than onions. In addition to group buying, it is also more convenient to go directly to the traditional market to buy two jin to go home. Consumers who want to buy directly can contact the Shengang Peasants Association: 04-7983191 Dacheng Peasants Association: 04-8944565.

Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Council of Agriculture, said that there is no tariff protection mechanism for onion imports. "We will ask the Agriculture and Food Administration to assist media manufacturers in processing, domestic sales, and promotion, so that prices in the producing areas will be stabilized in various ways."

All-in-one selling American onions (Photo / Cai Jiashan) domestic onions are difficult to buy in this season, and most of them are imported onions on supermarket shelves.

After the winter of November 2020, domestic onions were harvested one after another from the middle to the south. however, the low temperature came too late last winter, resulting in the first harvest of Changhua onions were mostly small balls, dragging down the purchase price of the producing area. Domestic onions are in season, and consumers want to support domestic onions with NT $, but when they go online, enter Quanlian, Dinghao, and Fengkang supermarket, there is no sign of domestic onions, and only onions from the United States, New Zealand and Japan are on the shelves.

It is obviously the season of domestic onions, how can the shelves be full of imported onions? Quanlian and Fengkang supermarkets said that the central onion has a high water content and is not resistant to storage, so it is not suitable to be sold in supermarket stores for a long time. In the past, the two supermarkets waited for onions in Hengchun Peninsula to be released, and domestic onions would not be put on the shelves until around February to April, which could be sold until ice onions were out of stock, while the rest of the time was during the window of the domestic onion production season, and imported onions would be put on the shelves to fill the gap.

Statistics from the Council of Agriculture show that since April last year, the number of imported onions has increased one after another, importing 10, 2635 metric tons in November, an increase of 2596 metric tons over November 2019. The reason for the increase in import volume is related to the Covid-19 epidemic. When we actually asked wholesalers and supermarket channels, the response was that "the price of imported onions this year is very cheap."

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