58 families support a farmer! The agricultural law community of BD in Ilan is booming, and CSA has a taste of land with farmers.

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, 58 families support a farmer! The agricultural law community of BD in Ilan is booming, and CSA has a taste of land with farmers.


There is also a group of BD farmers in Ilan who plant energy-rich BD crops on their farmland. At the same time, they want to rebuild the commitment relationship between producers and consumers, the farm feeds people, people support the farm, both sides share the harvest and the risk. This is called CSA and the community supports agriculture (Community Support Agriculture).

The close connection between farmers and consumers in Ilan fully confirms that consumer support not only encourages environmentally friendly farming, but also protects soil, water quality and our own health.

"the Taichung case is also wonderful. Don't miss it: how to keep the soil from getting sick? BD farming method converges cosmic energy. "

Members of the three-way living CSA have embarked on the road of "community supporting agriculture" in Dongshan, Ilan. (photography / Yang Yuyun) Sun Chengxuan stepped off the fashion stage and stepped onto the road of farming

Sun Chengxuan was one of the first people in Taiwan to come into contact with Anthroposophy. She studied German at university. She found an article about Steiner while studying Goethe. Although she found it interesting, she did not read it carefully. After graduation, she worked as a marketer in the clothing and jewelry industry. With a high salary, she had a fast pace of life. She dressed beautifully and brightly every day.

As soon as her father died in 2007, Sun Chengxuan then became pregnant, and life and death suddenly burst into her life, which became an issue that had to be asked. She re-read Steiner's articles and found that they were all guiding lights in life. Because she thought that learning should not be just empty talk, and she kept thinking about her children's educational environment, food safety and other issues, she finally made up her mind that the whole family would move to Ilan, wash out the lead and become farmers.

We can't spend all the earth's savings.

Give up the high salary of NT $300000 a month in Taipei and move to Ilan for farming, says Sun Chengxuan, because "all the changes you want to see have to start with yourself." The soil she rented was so bad that even though she had sown 18 kinds of green manure seeds, none of them grew. Later, with the use of the BD formula, the situation greatly improved.

For Sun Chengxuan, the production of BD formula is like pharmacy. The process of pharmacy has many puzzles, which we do not fully understand, not to mention that in the long-term baptism of scientific evidence, we have forgotten our connection with nature. "I don't think it's mysterious at all. It's in my breath."

Sun Chengxuan said that she likes to sweat all over her body, and her hard work does not necessarily lead to fruitful setbacks, and it also benefits her a lot. BD asked her to treat the land with mindfulness and let her children eat their own vegetables. "We are all consuming the planet, but remember not to withdraw all the money from the earth."

In addition to doing practical work, Sun Chengxuan also gives lectures, conducts workshops, and teaches BD recipes all over Taiwan. At the same time, the Sanyuan Life practice Society, which she founded, translates many of her important works of wisdom to benefit the world.

Sun Chengxuan (dressed in blue in the middle) often goes around demonstrating the production of cow dung and horn formula. (courtesy of Sun Chengxuan) support farmers CSA and farmers to share risks with the whole village

There is a saying in the education circle that if you want to raise a child, you must rely on the strength of a village. However, a village can also raise a farmer.

Like Sun Chengxuan, there are a group of families in Dongshan, Ilan, who "live school by school" because of their children's education. their children attend the Charity Waldorf Experimental Education Institution. As a result, parents are exposed to the concept of Anthroposophy. Many people live a life of half agriculture and half X. they practice the BD agricultural method and build their homes. After the members of the book club headed by Sun Chengxuan read the Farm of tomorrow, they were very impressed with the concept of CSA in the book. "We think we can give it a try."

CSA is based on the belief that farmers will farm on the premise of being kind to farmland and providing quality crops, and a group of consumers support farmers to produce food for them by paying first and picking up later. There are nine CSA cases in the book "tomorrow's Farm". On the basis of those cases, Sanyuan Life practice Society has made its own way in Dongshan, Ilan.

58 members support a farmer to share the risk of farming.

CSA supports Zhang Wuquan, a full-time farmer, to practice the BD farming method on the farm. They recruit members for a period of one year. Zhang Wuquan estimates how much vegetables the farm can provide for daily household needs in a year, so as to set an upper limit on the number of members. At the same time, he also estimates the amount of farm expenditure and the basic income of the family, with all members supporting these financial needs.

In 2020, for example, there are 58 members of Sanyuan CSA. Sun Chengxuan said that they will not define each other's roles with the rigid thinking of rights and obligations. "We are a family, and we feel like we are complementary to each other." Therefore, members can freely decide how much membership dues they can pay according to their own ability, and farmers can also decide their planting plans according to their own judgments. In addition to picking up vegetables and processed products such as soy milk and soy sauce every week during the harvest season, members can also go to the farm from time to time to participate in farming and accept the healing of the land.

When the first CSA founding meeting was held, half of the people Zhang Wuquan did not know him at all, but they were willing to support and believe him, which moved him very much. "when raising green manure, fallow, or a poor harvest in heavy rain, the members will also bring me vegetables." Zhang Wuquan said, "recently, it has rained for two months in Ilan, and all the vegetable seedlings have been reimbursed. In the past, this kind of loss could only be absorbed by the farmers themselves, but because of the support of CSA, my risk was shared by everyone. "

After coming into contact with BD farming method, Zhang Wuquan became soft and cheerful. (photo: Yang Yuyun) after paying off the card debt, the crop is full of energy

Chang Wu-chuan and his wife took care of more than a dozen farms together. Since one of the leased farms had previously adopted the customary agricultural law, which is what Taichung BD farmer Wu Jianwang called "the soil where he owes a card debt," he had to pay off the debt first for a long time and could not produce it.

However, when the soil is improved, the energy increases and the crops naturally grow well. Zhang Wuquan said that after using the cow dung cow horn formula, the soil has more good bacteria and organic matter, the soil is soft but has pellets, and the crops produced are delicious and healthy.

Zhang Wuquan's farm plans to grow vegetables for eight and a half, and a quarter of the land for paddy fields, with a wide variety of vegetables, leafy vegetables, roots, melons and fruits, and even black beans, in order to meet the diversified cultivation emphasized by the BD farming law. He also planted sunflowers and asked members to cut flowers themselves to provide another kind of soul food. "I don't want to just give members equal vegetables, but also want them to get in touch with the soil." He said.