What are the common poisonous flowers in life?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What are the common poisonous flowers in life?

In life, there are many people who like to keep flowers indoors, but some flowers are poisonous, which are common poisonous flowers in life.

Night primrose poisonous flowers in the unexpected is night primrose, stop photosynthesis at night, discharge a lot of exhaust gas, adverse to human health. Long-term will be placed in the living room or bedroom, will cause eight people dizzy, cough, and even asthma.

Tulips are poisonous flowers and need special attention. Flowers contain toxic alkali, people stay in flowers for two hours will be dizzy, feet appear toxic symptoms, serious cases can have hair off the circle phenomenon.

Oleander flowers in spring, summer and autumn every year, and has high ornamental value. Its stems, leaves and flowers are poisonous. It secretes milky juice containing an oleanin, ingestion will be toxic.

Narcissus bulbs contain latin can be toxic, after eating will cause vomiting, enteritis. The sap of leaves and flowers can make the skin, and special care should be taken not to get this juice into the eyes.

Azalea yellow azalea plants and flowers contain toxins, mishandling can cause poisoning; white azalea flowers contain tetracyclic diterpenoid toxins, poisoning can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties, limb numbness and so on.

Poinsettia whole plant toxic, its white milk irritates the skin, causing allergic reactions, eating stems, leaves have the risk of poisoning death.

Calla flower poisonous, containing a large number of herbal calcium crystals and alkaloids, etc., ingestion will cause coma and other toxic symptoms.

The whole plant is poisonous and contains poisonous alkaloids, especially poisonous fruits. After ingestion, it will cause systemic poisoning, and serious cases may also lead to life danger.

Datura mandala is native to India and has been cultivated all over China in recent years. Its plants are poisonous and its fruits are highly toxic.

The leaves of the five-colored plum blossom are poisonous, which can cause diarrhea, fever and other symptoms after eating by mistake.

Evergreen leaves contain oxalic acid and asparagus poison, which can cause oral, pharynx, throat, esophagus, gastrointestinal swelling and pain after ingestion, and even damage vocal cords, making people dumb.

Nantianzhu, also known as Tianzhu, the whole plant is poisonous, mainly containing cyclamine, cyclamen and so on. After ingestion, it will cause systemic convulsions, convulsions, coma and other toxic symptoms.

Mimosa mimosa mi

Delphinium, also known as radish flower, is poisonous. Seed toxicity is greater, mainly contains turn alkaloids, eating by mistake will cause nervous system poisoning, severe convulsions will occur, respiratory failure and death.

The seeds and bark of wisteria are poisonous. The seeds contain cytisine, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea after ingestion. In severe cases, speech disorders, bleeding from nose and mouth, cold hands and feet, and even shock death will occur.

The whole plant is poisonous and blossoms in summer. Its adaptability is very strong, can breed by oneself, grow exuberantly. People should not touch with their hands.

Cactus plant sting contains venom, the human body is easy to cause skin, pain, itching and other allergic symptoms after being stabbed.

The variety of poisonous flowers is mentioned here, I hope everyone will pay more attention to it in the future.