How to prevent flowers from freezing in winter?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to prevent flowers from freezing in winter?

The anti-freezing work of flowers in winter gives many flower friends a headache. Today, the editor will share with you in detail.

The anti-freezing methods of flowers in winter are as follows:

First, we should pay attention to anti-freezing and heat preservation. If there is a closed balcony, it is very beneficial for potted flowers to survive the winter; if there is no closed balcony, potted flowers should be admitted in the evening, and some potted flowers that are especially afraid of cold, such as tropical orchids, pineapples, poinsettias, andrographis andraeanum, have a room temperature of not less than 10 ℃ at night.

Second, be careful not to water too much. Experts say that with small water evaporation in winter and stagnant growth of flowers and plants at low temperatures, too much water can make the roots dyspnea, causing root disease and even rotting roots to die.

Third, we should pay attention to basking in the sun to facilitate photosynthesis to produce organic nutrients and improve the cold resistance of plants; for some flowers that bloom in winter, they are also conducive to luxuriant branches and leaves, and flowers bloom larger and more beautiful.

Fourth, we should pay attention not to apply more nitrogen fertilizer. The absorption capacity of flowers in winter is not strong, too much nitrogen fertilizer will damage the root system.

Fifth, we should pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and pests, mainly against shell insects and aphids.

Experts remind that as the winter weather is relatively dry, but also pay attention to foliar spray to change the indoor too hot and dry conditions.

The above shared with you how to prevent winter flowers from freezing. I hope you can use them flexibly.