In 2020, the investment in the processing zone in defiance of the epidemic will be quadrupled.

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, The Ministry of Economic Affairs Export processing Zone Management Office (processing Office) held a 109 year-end press conference on the 29th, during which Director Huang Wengu revealed that the renaming amendment bill of the processing zone has been examined and passed by the Legislative Yuan a few days ago. after the third reading of the bill, the park.

In 2020, the investment in the implementation of processing zones will increase fourfold without fear of epidemic situation

The Export Processing Zone Management Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a press conference at the end of the year 109 on the 29th. Huang Wengu, director of the conference, revealed that the bill on renaming the processing zone had been deliberated and passed by the Economic Commission of the Legislative Yuan a few days ago. After the bill was passed on the third reading, the legal name of the park would be changed to "Science and Technology Industrial Park". In line with the new name, the park will implement many improvements in the future, including promoting industry-university cooperation, strengthening investment management and improving the efficiency of industrial space use, etc. At the same time, it will also provide innovative guidance as an intelligent service with the park, so that the park can keep pace with the times and open a new page for this long-standing park.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs Processing Office said that the name was changed to "Science and Technology Industrial Park" mainly to highlight the scientific and technological energy of the park. According to the investigation, important scientific and technological products in China, such as semiconductors, displays, optics, electronic components, etc., are imported from the processing zone. At present, the output value of these industrial manufacturers in the zone accounts for more than 80%, and the annual turnover exceeds 300 billion yuan. In the future, the "Science and Technology Industrial Park" will fully breed more science and technology industries and become an important cornerstone for China to implement policies such as "semiconductor advanced process center" and "advanced manufacturing center".

Looking forward to the new year, Director Huang Wengu pointed out that next year will be the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the export processing zone. To celebrate this important milestone, we will adopt a three-step strategy of "keeping pace with the times","forward-looking" and "intelligent improvement" in addition to promoting the renaming of the park, so as to continue to lead the park to further leap forward. In the future, on the glorious basis of export processing zone, science and technology industrial park will be advanced towards excellence and become a new generation of benchmark demonstration park in China.

▲ In 2020, the investment in the implementation of processing zones without fear of epidemic situation will increase by 4 times