What are the points for attention when planting "bonsai flowers"?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, What are the points for attention when planting "bonsai flowers"?

What matters needing attention when planting "bonsai flowers"?

Some problems should be paid attention to when planting "bonsai flowers". Let's have a specific understanding below.

Leave flower branches, flower branches generally leave 1-2 nodes; pomegranate is to watch flowers. Bonsai fruit, the growth is also very exuberant, should wipe more buds, pruning; welcome spring. Mei. Peaches, etc., should trim the short skills and twigs after flowering, so that they can sprout new skills; real cypresses cut off the dead branches under the crown from late May to early July, and use their hands to pick the twigs that protrude outside the crown to make the crown neat and perfect.

For the stump of deciduous varieties, the branches should droop after the defoliation. Grow branches in vain. Hand in * branches. Overlapping skills. Remove the branches of diseases and insect pests together to make them clear in order to maintain their beauty.

Scissors should not be used in pruning to treat plants such as pines and pines, otherwise they will cause rust spots in the healed wounds and be removed by hand. The integrity of the group should be considered in the pruning of jungle bonsai. For viewing.

1. Loose soil

2. Mature organic fertilizer can be added to the bottom of the basin.

3. Pour water thoroughly after putting on the basin

4. keep it in a semi-overcast environment and maintain normally after 1-2 weeks.