Flower seed harvesting method?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Flower seed harvesting method?

Many people grow flowers in their homes, so what are the flower seed harvesting methods?

Flower seeds must be harvested in the fruit ripening period, and timely selection of the best and inferior, removal of impurities, drying and storage in order to ensure the germination rate of the seeds. In this paper, the harvesting methods of several kinds of flower seeds are introduced for readers.

Harvesting methods of marigold seeds

The fruit that blossoms after September should be used and the fresh and brilliant seeds should be kept. When the ligulate flower has been curled and discolored and the involucre is yellow, although the total pedicel is still green, it can be picked, dried and threshed.

The method of harvesting the seeds of Artemisia angustifolia

When most of the capsules turn brown and yellow on the inflorescence, cut the whole fruit branch to dry and thresh. If you want to separate colors or types, you must pay attention to close spacing.

Harvesting methods of winter coral seeds

On the plants with dignified and sturdy shape and many fruits, the red ripe berries are harvested, smashed, cleaned in water, peel, pulp and blighted seeds are removed, full seeds are picked up and dried and stored in the sun.

Harvesting methods of Catharanthus roseus Seeds

Due to the different ripening periods of the fruit, we should pay attention to observe that when the fruit turns yellow and the seeds in the fruit are faintly black, pick them in batches in time, otherwise the fruit will split itself and the seeds will be scattered.

Harvesting methods of cornflower seeds

The seeds can be harvested when the inflorescence is just orange. If the inflorescence is too mature and the seeds are easy to be scattered, the whole plant can be cut, dried and stored in a cool and dry place when most of the inflorescences are yellow. Seeds have the ability to self-sow.

The harvesting method of Fulukao Seeds

The capsule matured at different stages and cracked when it matured. In order to scatter the seeds, when most of the capsules yellowed, they were plucked under the total flower japonica, dried and threshed for collection, and the seed germination rate could be maintained for two years.

Seed harvesting method of Rabdosia mandshurica

Seeds globose or slightly ellipsoid. When the pericarp of the capsule turns pale yellow, it can be harvested. The capsule should be picked wet in the early morning, such as when the sun is strong, the capsule is easy to crack and the seeds are easy to scatter. After harvest, when exposed to the sun, the container should be covered with glass to prevent the fruit from cracking and the seeds ejected to the outside of the container.

Seed harvesting method of Petunia

After the capsule is mature, it will crack and scatter the seeds, so it must be harvested in time from the yellowing of the capsule to the time of microcracking.

The harvesting method of a bunch of red seeds

Nuts fall off after maturity, so the calyx should be discolored in the middle of the inflorescence. When the nuts are just ripe, the whole inflorescence should be picked to dry and thresh, so that more nuts can be harvested. Be careful not to be harmed by rats.