How to manage flowers in April

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to manage flowers in April

In April, with the weakening of the cold air going south in the north, the warm and humid air flow in the south became stronger and stronger, and the temperature rose significantly. After the Qingming Festival, although there is an occasional influence of cold air going south, it can no longer pose a threat to most of the potted flowers in the south of the Huaihe River, only to the north of the Huaihe River and the Yellow River.

After Grain Rain, the night frost has ended in the south of Jianghuai, the minimum temperature is not less than 5 ℃, and Rain Water has obviously increased. Most of the potted flowers can be moved to outdoor maintenance, while the Huaibei area will not be able to let the potted flowers out of the house until the end of the late frost in May. From south to north in April, the flower show has the following contents:

I. Flower reproduction

1. Sowing seeds

The flowers suitable for sowing in April are drunken butterfly, purple jasmine, cockscomb, wild goose, sunflower, Xiaoli, thousand-day red, a string of red, impatiens, morning glory, rain-leaf pineapple, round-leaf pineapple, safflower tobacco, petunia, emerald chrysanthemum, golden chrysanthemum, snake chrysanthemum, marigold, red yellow chrysanthemum, hundred-day red, asparagus, spring report, dry golden lotus, ground skin, maple, poinsettia, basil, Tianmen winter, Persian chrysanthemum, sand ginseng, sand ginseng, Mimosa and so on.

The species of Magnoliaceae that can be sown in April and stored in sand are: Magnolia Magnoliae, Magnolia mandshurica, Magnolia magnolia, Magnolia mandshurica, Magnolia mandsh North American Liriodendron wood, etc.

Other greening flowers and trees that can be sown in April are: Japanese fir, golden pine, Nanyang fir, golden pine, crape myrtle, bauhinia, acacia, yew, Haitong, Chinese tallow, Huangshan moss, free seed, maple, maple, flower wood, wax plum, summer wax plum, rhododendron plum, Chinese wolfberry, southern bamboos, rich seeds, palms and so on.

The ornamental plants that can be picked and sown in April are: Fulang flower, asparagus, primrose, winter coral, star anise gold plate, milk eggplant and so on. Among them, star anise gold plate can pick the blackened, whitened and soft fruit at the end of April, scrub out the seeds, sow them on a fertile seedbed, or first hide the seeds to the crack to show white, then sow and cover the grass to moisturize. In general, after two weeks, about 70% of the seeds emerge, the grass should be removed in time, and a shed should be built for shade. On the other hand, the cultivated milk eggplant can peel off the picked golden fruit, wash the seeds, soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours, sow them in the fertile sandy soil, and sprout the seeds 10 days later. When the seedlings grow 6 to 8 true leaves and the plant height reaches 15 cm, they can be transplanted, which can be cultivated either in pots or as special cut flower materials.

two。 Grafting

The flowers and trees that can be grafted in April are: wax plum, dragon claw locust, green peach, Shouxing peach, safflower black locust, cactus and crab claw orchid and so on.

3. Ramet

The greenhouse foliage plants that can be propagated in April are: White crane taro, tiger tail orchid, one-leaf orchid, fern, brown bamboo, hanging orchid, tequila, Yinhuang evergreen, evergreen, Guangdong evergreen, taro, aloe, pepper grass, tortoise back bamboo, spring feather and so on. The greenhouse flowers that can be propagated are: Magnolia, colorful pineapple, crane orchid, Fulang flower, purple calyx, Cartland, crane orchid, Dendrobium, Jianlan, annual orchid, spring orchid, begonia, etc.; feasible ramets are: dahlia, taro, canna, lily, tennis flower, Zhu Ding Hong, hairpin, iris, shoot dry, evening fragrant jade, auspicious grass, day lily, onion orchid and so on. In addition, water lilies and bowl lilies can also be cut at this time.

4. Cuttage

For most species of flowers and trees that are easy to take root, as long as their leaf buds have not yet germinated, they can be propagated by cuttings in April. the main species are: yellow poplar, ten meritorious categories, southern bamboo, cypress, Luohansong, pomegranate, crape myrtle, bauhinia, firethorn, Spiraea, Liriodendron, snowflake, fragrant, sticking begonia and so on.