How to maintain bulb flowers

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to maintain bulb flowers

The majority of flower friends in the maintenance of flowers, will inevitably come into contact with bulbous plants, such as hyacinth is one of the common bulbous plants, flowering is very beautiful, and will dormancy, vitality is very strong, only need to preserve the bulb, the next year can take root and sprout. Of course, we should also learn some maintenance methods of bulbous flowers to make the flowers more beautiful.

Leek lotus

Chinese chive lotus can survive well in a warm and humid environment, florescence is generally from June to September, must provide a suitable temperature for the growth of leek lotus, 16-28 ℃ temperature, leek lotus can grow very well, but must avoid cold, not less than 5 ℃, so as not to cause leek lotus death.


Iris growth needs good drainage, humus-rich soil, can grow in a warm and humid environment, iris maintenance must provide it with plenty of sunlight, and maintain a ventilated environment, irises can grow more beautiful.

Purple delicate flower

Purple flowers like light, can be maintained in sunny places, purple flowers like high temperature, hot and humid environment, flowers can bloom exuberantly in fertile soil, usually in the environment of 24: 30 ℃.

Water ghost banana

The banana especially likes the light and can grow well in the warm and humid environment, but it is not hardy. The winter temperature can not be lower than 15 ℃. It can be planted in the soil with plenty of water and fertilizer. When potted, the bulbs can be dug up in autumn, dried and hidden indoors, and planted the following year.

Evening fragrant jade

The maintenance of evening fragrant jade must avoid stagnant water in the basin, which is suitable for growing in a sunny environment, and it needs to provide adequate ventilation for the evening fragrant jade, which can be maintained in a sunny place on the balcony.

Lilium pumilum

The plant is usually 30-40cm high, the stem is long and leafy, it can bloom in late spring and early summer, the flowers are drooping, the petals are bright red, and can be maintained in deep soil, good drainage and fertile soil.

The above is some introduction of how to raise bulb flowers, flower friends should also have a certain understanding of how to raise bulb flowers, flower conservation not only needs to provide sufficient water, sunshine and nutrients, but also from the flower habits, temperature environment and other aspects to consider, in order to make a correct flower cultivation plan, flowers can bloom better.