What flowers and plants are suitable for growing in winter

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What flowers and plants are suitable for growing in winter

Winter is unbearable for most flowers and plants, especially in the extremely cold areas of northern China, people can only stay on the Kang at home, and flowers and plants can hardly survive outdoors. However, for a very small number of flowers and plants with strong cold resistance and strong adaptability to the harsh environment, it is often worth planting. After all, in the cold winter, the whole world lacks vitality and the earth is dead.

However, even if a few flowers and plants can survive in winter, we should choose varieties that are suitable for planting and have a certain ornamental value. So, for the average user, what? Naturally, flowers and plants with cold tolerance, resistance and strong adaptability to the environment should be the first choice, followed by their ornamental value.

Based on the above consideration of these characteristics, the flowers and plants suitable for winter cultivation are often represented by Icelandic Yumei, willow piercing, blue sage, purple sage and colorful carnation. Especially if it is planted as a potted plant, it is often more able to maintain and manage, so that the plant can maintain normal growth in the cold winter, and even the ornamental can be well reflected.

Due to the low temperature in winter, we need to choose flowers and plants with strong cold tolerance to ensure that the plants will not be frostbitten and maintain their exuberant vitality. at the same time, it can also bring a trace of warmth and active atmosphere to the cold and lonely winter. In addition to the cold tolerance of the plant itself, we also need to take scientific maintenance and management measures to ensure that the plant maintains a good growth state.

Although flowers and plants such as Iceland Yumei can show good cold tolerance in the cold winter, in order to raise them well and in a state of great ornamental value, we need to create a good growth environment for them according to their habits and characteristics. The beautiful woman of Iceland prefers the growth environment with warm, sunny and well-ventilated conditions, so we have to maintain and manage according to these growth habits.

If the growth environment is long-term lack of light, Icelandic Yumei plants tend to grow so thin that they will be overshadowed even if they bloom. Therefore, in addition to providing suitable soil, temperature, light and ventilation environment, we also need to do a good job in water and fertilizer management, especially pruning in time after flowering, so as to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients and affect the later germination.