Let Taiwan stand on the world stage, Acacia shine! Beer brewing aroma is compelling, full of tannins challenge production wine barrels

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Let Taiwan stand on the world stage, Acacia shine! Beer brewing aroma is compelling, full of tannins challenge production wine barrels


Acacia tree is a common tree species in low-altitude mountain areas all over Taiwan, and we are as familiar with it as our neighbors. Traditional farmers often use Acacia wood as firewood and put the branches into the stove to cook a meal of food and clothing. However, Acacia trees are too common and knotted, giving people the impression that they are cheap and worthless in the past. However, because of its hard wood, unique grain, and beautiful color, this kind of wood has been recognized by forest industry and scholars as the most competitive wood for Taiwan.

It is amazing that Acacia wood can also brew beer in addition to making wood! Taiwan's first beer fermented with roasted Acacia wood was listed under the name of "drunken Acacia" in February this year under the SGS food safety certification. Chen Yu-Cheng, general manager of Gao Sen Xingye, says that drunken Acacia combines the sweet flavor of Taiwan's original Acacia, which is fermented at once and has no mixed taste, making it unique among global beer brands, not only interpreting the limits of forest products, but also allowing Taiwan's beer to proudly enter the world stage.

Acacia, which is most familiar to Chinese people, can not only make wood but also brew beer, and is moving towards "full-wood utilization" (Photography / Liao Jinghui) to seal the unique aroma of Acacia wood with beer.

Gao Sen Xingye, which focuses on the development of Taiwan's domestic wood, has used Acacia wood to create bathtubs, musical instruments, and wall floors in the past few years, and the remaining small wood should not only be fully utilized, but also not easily given up. Its "The EGG" R & D team, accompanied by creativity, cut the leftover material into wood chips with the same length and width. after full baking, the boiled wort, selected yeast and hops were put into the fermentation tank and fermented naturally for 45 days to produce Chen Yucheng's "beer that allows Taiwanese to get out of the door."

"the fermentation days are longer than ordinary beer in order to fully blend the sweet taste of Acacia wood into the wine." Sun Qihao, brand manager of Egg Brand, explains that although Acacia wood is common, ordinary people should never feel its aroma through its sense of smell and taste. Gao Sen Xingye sealed this unique aroma in beer through the craft brewing process.

Acacia wood has a very high content of tannin, lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose, as well as high antioxidant components, which constitute the advantages of craft beer.

"people who like to drink craft beer, do not want to drink ice or bitter beer, or want to feel slightly drunk after drinking beer are very suitable for feeling the thick taste of drunken Acacia, especially the taste of returning to sweet taste, which can be tasted at room temperature." Sun Qihao said that this beer, which began with Acacia wood surplus and carefully made, makes the added value of the full use of domestic wood reach a higher level.